Permit Information

General Information

Most permit river managing agencies require you to send in an application before the end of January. Some rivers require you to download a permit from their web site and mail in the application and others allow you to fill in the application online. The Salt River has an earlier application deadline than most. A few rivers require a fee with the permit application but most only require a fee after you have obtained the permit.

Below is information for the following rivers:

Lodore, Yampa, and Split Mt in Dinosaur National Monument

Lower San Juan River

Westwater Canyon on the Colorado

Desolation Canyon on the Green River

Cataract Canyon inside Canyonlands

Main Salmon River

Middle Fork Salmon River

Selway River

Hells Canyon on the Snake River

Rogue River (Wilderness Run) in Oregon

Salt River in Arizona

Grand Canyon on the Colorado River

Lodore, Yampa and Split Mtn. in Dinosaur National Monument

River Ranger .

Dinosaur Nat. Monument

4545 Hwy. 40

PO Box 210

Dinosaur, Colo. 81610

(435) 374-2468

Permit Due: Dec 1 - Jan 31

Dinosaur Nat Monument River Info:

For Online Registration check:

Lodore: about 4 days, Class III to IV- depending on flow rate.

All of the potential Class IV- rapids can be portaged.

This run is a series of 3 beautiful canyons with plentiful wildlife and one long stretch of flatwater between canyons. The canyons are Lodore, Whirlpool, and Split Mt.

Yampa: 4 to 5 days. Class III with one potential Class IV rapid depending on flow rate.

The 1st and longest canyon is the Yampa River section. This is a beautiful canyon with high vertical sandstone walls and pine trees. Except for Warm Springs (which can be portaged), the rapids are all Class II. The other two canyons are Whirlpool and Split Mt., the same as the last two canyons on the Lodore run.

Split Mt Canyon can also be run as a day trip.

The permits are easily obtained by calling the Dinosaur Office and are issued on a first come - first served basis. This Canyon makes a fun class II+ to III- run.

Check the Dinosaur web link above.

Lower San Juan River


San Juan Resource Area

PO Box 7

Monticello, Ut. 84535

(435) 587-2144

Permit Due: Jan. 31

3 to 5 days, Class II

This is a desert canyon river next to the Navajo Reservation with frequent side hikes to Indian Ruins. Lots of Class II rapids in high water. More of an easy canoe run in low water. Check the following links for more info or permit applications.



Westwater Canyon on the Colorado

Westwater River Permits

BLM, Grand Resource Area

82 E. Dogwood

Moab, Ut 84532

(435) 259-7012

Permit Season: year round

1 to 2 days, Class III+ to IV depending on water level.

This is a desert canyon with long flatwater stretches at the top and bottom. The center section contains all the rapids and lots of surfing. Most of the rapids are big and turbulent but not technical. This is also one of the few rivers that is more fun late in the season than at high water early in the season.

The permits are issued on a first come, first served basis 2 months in advance. It is easy to obtain weekday permits but if you want a weekend permit, call before 8:30 am (they open at 8:00 am) exactly 2 months in advance.



Desolation Canyon on the Green River

BLM, Price Rv. Resource Area

125 So. 600 West

Price, Ut. 84501

(435) 636-3622

Due: Jan 30

4 to 5 days, Class II+

This is a large deep mostly desert canyon with plenty of wildlife. The Grays Canyon run we do with beginners is the last 9 mi stretch of this run.



Cataract Canyon, Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park

2282 S. West Resource Blvd.

Moab, Ut. 84532

(435) 259-4351

4 to 6 days, Class III to IV depending on flow rate

Most of Cataract Canyon is flatwater or easy whitewater. The biggest attraction is the scenery and the side hikes. The last day or 2 on the river however is where the big whitewater occurs. In high water, Big Drop can be as big as anything in the Grand Canyon. In low water, these are completely different rapids. The trip ends at Hite Marina which used to be on Lake Powell but due to to the low reservoir level, is now on the river.


Middle Fork of the Salmon

5 to 8 days, Class III+ to IV+ depending on flow rate.

This is a long, 104 mi, canyon with beautiful clear water. The canyon starts in forested mountain country and ends in high desert country. Wildlife and hot springs are both plentiful.

This river is not dam controlled and the flow rate changes dramatically during the season. Late in the season around August, the flow frequently drops too low for rafts at the upper put-in. There is always enough water for kayaks and canoes but rafts sometimes need to be flown in to a landing strip farther down stream. For this reason, it is much easier to get late season permits. We've usually done this as an August kayak self-support trip.

Permit Info:

Main Salmon, Corn Creek Put-in

5 to 7 days, Class III to IV- depending on flow rate.

Large river in a high desert canyon. Excellent semi-wilderness trip.

Permit Info:

Selway River

4 days, Class IV

Short season (June thru July). The water is usually too low by Aug for rafts.

This is a beautiful 47 mi wilderness run with only 1 group launch per day.

Permit Info:

Hells Canyon on the Snake River

3 to 4 days, Class III to IV

Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in the US with a very large river. Low water is considered to be anything below 15,000 cfs. Only 2 hard rapids are present, both of which can be portaged. The other rapids are all fairly easy.

Note: Jet boats go up this river on a regular basis. Check the Hells Canyon web site for info about when the jet boats aren't allowed.

Permit Info:

Rogue River Wilderness Run

Rogue River, TRI

P.O. Box 5149

Roseburg, OR 97470

(541) 479-3735 - BLM

(541) 672-4168 - Tioga Resources, Inc.

Due: Jan 31

3 to 4 days, Class III to IV

This is a lush forested canyon with clear water and plenty of wildlife.


Permit Info:

Salt River

River Permits and Info

Tonto National Forest

2324 E. McDowell Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85006

(602) 225-5237

Due: Jan 15

3 to 5 days, Class IV

This is beautiful and unusual river and canyon. The canyon contains Sonoran desert type vegetation including large saguaro cactus. The permit season is March 1 thru May 15. In exceptionally high water years, the river can be run thru the end of May.



Grand Canyon

15 to 25 days

Big Water Class IV

The Grand Canyon is one of the most scenic river trips anywhere in the world. The rapids are very big but not technical. It has been described as the worlds biggest Class III. There is also a lot of great hiking to be had from the river.

The Grand Canyon has gone to a lottery system. To obtain a permit go to