Leadership 2021

Cody Redmond (President)

I love going outside and doing things. I love Kayaking, MTB, Road Biking, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Fishing and being in nature. I own a small business, and enjoy what I do. I have been Kayaking for about 10 years, and did not really find my passion for it until I found the club. I love assisting people in learning kayaking. I feel it's one of the best outdoor activities around in every season.

Dustin Judd (Vice President)

I am and avid outdoor enthusiast who loves anything on the water. I have had the wonderful opportunity to fall in love with this sport over the last few years with the support from members in this club. I look forward to the opportunity to do the same for others coming into the sport and to pass on what I have learned. I still get the same feeling of freedom and adventure every time I get in my boat that I did the very first time years ago.

Melissa "Scooter" Connely (Treasurer)

I grew up in Salt Lake City, enjoying soccer, hiking, camping, mountain biking, and occasional whitewater rafting trips. My first river kayaking experience was deep on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, and the hardshell has continued to feel magical every time I get in. Going into my second truly full season of kayaking after some (non-kayaking-related) shoulder issues, I'm still working on becoming a solid mid-level boater and I like naming my boats with astronomy-based names. I have yet to have any luck in the river permit lotteries, but I do feel lucky to have found a river family and be involved with the UWC.

Melissa Olsen (Secretary)

Knowing nothing about rivers, I jumped into an IK on the Split Mountain section of the Green River in the big water of spring. Friends pointed out the tongue of a rapid and told me to aim for the “V”. I fell in love with the experience and have had an appetite for more paddling ever since. I now paddle my hard shell, thanks to the support of my river family.

I have made my very best friends on rivers and trails. I absolutely love to admire the beauty around us and adventure with those close to me. There is so much fun to be had, it’s hard choosing between my mountain bike and my boat.

I’m happy to have the chance to give back. I look forward to seeing you on the river!

Troy Bate (Board Member)

Although I call Utah home, I grew up as a military brat, which meant I bounced around a lot. I realize now that this may have been a contributing factor to my love for the outdoors and desire to seek out new sights and adventures. This coupled with my thirst for adrenaline has led to a life full of excitement engaged in skiing, kayaking, and mt. biking as my primary sources for fun. I am retired from a career as an HVAC contractor and thoroughly enjoy my time spent with the Utah Whitewater Club during the summer and also as a volunteer Mt. Host at Snowbird ski resort in the winter.

Ryan Metzger (Board Member)

Having a lifelong interest in all things outdoors, I have found myself occasionally floating rivers, creeks and lakes, using various watercraft, ever since growing up in western Pennsylvania. I’ve always wanted to take it to the next level, but whitewater paddling is not an easy sport to pursue without having knowledgeable friends to help. But when I discovered the Utah Whitewater Club, I found an opportunity to obtain skills and experience among some very good people. I’m happy to serve on the board of the UWC so that I can assist others as they pursue whitewater paddling and all the excitement, challenge, and camaraderie this activity provides.

Stephen Lucich (Board Member)

I originally learned to kayak in upstate South Carolina before moving to Utah six years ago. I love rivers and all activities that allow me to spend more time on them. Throughout the year, I can be found kayaking with the club, rowing rafts on multi-day adventures, fishing, and reading about water rights and public access. I am so thankful to have found the Utah Whitewater Club. This is a wonderful, welcoming group that encourages skill development and friendship among its members. We look forward to paddling with you during the upcoming season!