Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Is PCIT right for my family?
Is your child having behavior problems at home, school, or daycare?
Do you spend a lot of time arguing with your child?
Does your child throw temper tantrums or refuse to obey commands?
Do you wind yourself yelling at your child or losing your temper?
Are you spending a lot of time disciplining your child?
Is your child shy, withdrawn, or anxious?
Does your child have difficulty attending?
Is your child rigid or not deal well with changes?
Does your child demonstrate delayed verbal abilities?
If so, you are not alone and PCIT may work for your family!!

During Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), parents learn behavioral play therapy skills to enhance their parent child relationship. Parents also learn to manage child behavior through behavioral discipline principles. Therapists will work with your family until your child’s home behaviors improve.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy consists of three parts:
  1. AssessmentPrior to beginning treatment, families will receive a comprehensive evaluation of their child’s behavior problems.
  2. Relationship EnhancementIn the Relationship Enhancement component of the program, parents are taught and “coached” how to improve the positive aspects of their relationships with their child and develop consistently positive and supportive communication
  3. Discipline:In the Discipline component of the program, parents are taught and “coached” the elements of effective discipline and child management skills. In both components of this program, parents are taught specific skills, and given the opportunity to practice these skills during therapy until mastery is reached and the child’s behavior is improved.
Who can participate?
  • Parents who have a child between the ages of 2-10 years old
  • Children with behavior problems at home, school, pre-school, or daycare
  • Grandparents, step-parents, and foster parents are welcome to participate!
  • Any parent who would like to be coached during live interactions with his/her child
  • Children with disruptive behavior, non-compliance, ADHD, autism or pervasive developmental disabilities

PCIT treatment typically lasts 14-18 weeks and parents are asked to complete home practice activities with their child between sessions. Parents are asked to commit to attend weekly treatment sessions with their child.

The PCIT Research team works with young children and their parents to create stronger, more positive family relationships through PCIT. We help parents feel more confident to handle the everyday problems that occur with parenting children, which fosters children behaving in more positive ways, while building a more warm, nurturing relationship between parent and child.

Please call Dr. Zlomke or the PCIT Research Team at 460-7149 or email for more information.

Kim Zlomke Rodriguez,
Apr 13, 2012, 11:40 AM