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Meet the Lab!

Natalie Cook, M.S. 
Natalie is currently a pre-doctoral intern at Nebraska Mental Health Centers. She received a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. Natalie is preparing to defend her dissertation (expected Spring 2014) which examined the influence of parent involvement in therapy sessions on the attainment of skill mastery in Parent Child Interaction Therapy. 

Sarah Bauman, M.S.
Sarah is a 5th-year doctoral student. She received her Master's degree in Applied Psychology from the University of South Alabama. Sarah currently holds an assistantship with AltaPointe Adult Residential where she designs behavior plan to help staff manage consumer's behavior. Sarah successfully proposed her doctoral dissertation (May 2013), which will examine the reliability and validity of the Dyadic Parent-Child Interaction Coding System (DPICS) for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders. 

Dustin Lamport, M.S. 
Dustin is a 5th-year doctoral student. He received his Master's degree in Applied Psychology from the University of South Alabama. Dustin currently holds an assistantship with the Alabama Department of Human Resources as a Tools of Choice parenting class instructor. He has an interest in childhood development and developmental disorders, especially autism. He is currently conducting dissertation research examining the role of environmental chaos on language and theory of mind development in pre-schoolers. 

Kathryn Jeter, M.S.
Kathryn Jeter is a 4th-year doctoral student at USA. Kathryn's current assistantship is behavioral consulting for a children's residential psychiatric treatment center.  She is also interested in parenting stress and is currently working on proposing her dissertation (expected Spring 2014). She has recently published an article on intolerance of uncertainty and stress.  

Jillian Murphy, M.S.
Jillian is a 3rd-year graduate student in the Healthy Youth & Families Lab.   Since beginning her graduate education, she has completed a 2nd-year assistantship at the Continuous Learning Center in Mobile, AL, where she conducted functional behavior assessments and implemented behavioral intervention plans with youth with special educational needs in an alternative school.  For her master’s thesis, Jillian examined the effectiveness of varying levels of researched/consultant involvement in the administration of a Positive Peer Reporting intervention in middle-school classrooms. Jillian is also interested in pediatric health and interprofessional collaboration between behavioral and medical health providers to meet children’s health-care needs.  Jillian is currently the lab coordinator for the Health Youth and Families Lab and the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy research clinic.

Garet Edwards, B.S.
Garet is a 1st-year doctoral student at USA. Garet graduated with a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Louisiana State University. Garet is interested in Applied Behavior Analysis and Parent-Child Interaction in children with autism. He has begun to prepare his proposal for his master's thesis (expected Spring 2014) and has started training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. 

Amber Cole 
Amber is an undergraduate student at USA majoring in Biomedical Science. Amber is currently working on her Honors Thesis. Her thesis will explore parent-child interactions in children with autism spectrum disorders vs. those of typically developing children with behavioral problems. She is currently applying to medical and physician assistant schools with the hopes of eventually working in Pediatrics.