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PTA Board's Message

 September 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome (or welcome back!) to University Heights Elementary School!  It’s hard to believe another school year has started and that summer is coming to a close.  Your 2017-18 UH PTA Executive Committee is excited to be supporting the UH community this year.  The officers were busy over the summer getting up to speed in our new roles and starting to plan for the school year.   Please check out the PTA calendar to see some of the exciting activities we have in store for this year so far!

Being involved in your child’s education and school is one of the best contributions you can make towards your child’s happiness and success, whether it’s spending time helping with or checking your child’s homework, reading with them, attending your child’s shows or after school activities, or participating in school or PTA sponsored events, fundraisers, or programs.

One of our goals this year is to increase understanding of what the UH PTA really does for your child(ren) and how it works.  Most of the Executive Committee was unaware and quite surprised by some of the things the PTA offers and we think you will be too.  Did you know the PTA funds the fun and educational school assemblies?  The PTA subsidizes class trips so you pay less, funds class parties, and contributes money to each classroom.  We coordinate the book fairs, library volunteers, Red Hot Readers program, Field Day volunteers, gift books for the library and several other programs that occur during the school day.  These are in addition to the free events we sponsor in the evenings: Movie Night, Family Bingo, Ice Skating, etc.  

Another important goal for this year is to increase the UH community involvement in the PTA.  All these events take time and effort to coordinate and the Executive Committee is only 6 people.  Like you, we have full time jobs, younger children at home, household needs, and extracurricular activities that our children are involved in as well.  Without the continued/increased efforts of the UH community through volunteer efforts, fundraising income, and PTA membership dues, we won’t be able to offer all of the programs, events, and gifts that we have in the past:  i.e., school assemblies, contributions to class parties and trips, Red Hot Reader vouchers, as well as providing gifts to the school such as buddy benches and chrome books.  

Why not become more a part of the UH family by joining the PTA and attending our monthly meetings?  Explore the many opportunities available for you to participate more in your child’s school.  By regularly attending the monthly meetings, you will be able to see for yourself what a warm and welcoming group of people we are, hear Principal Diszler’s monthly school updates, make new friends and school connections, and most importantly, you will be able to participate and contribute in making important decisions for UH PTA and the school. If you have challenges making it to PTA meetings, no problem!  Let us know how we can help get you more involved whether it be for us to help coordinate a car pool to get you to meetings and events, updating you with meeting minutes, notes or a quick phone call, or finding tasks or activities you can do outside of the school or at home.  There is no such thing as a small contribution within our organization!   

Our first full PTA meeting is Tuesday, September 12th at 7:00pm in the school library.   PTA meetings are held throughout the year usually on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm (please consult the calendar on UHPTA.com or the school calendar for specific dates and times.).

                   The PTA will have a short General Membership meeting at Back to School Night on 9/19/17

6:30 PM    PTA Information booths, refreshments, and spirit wear sales

   **Please stop by and say hello to your new PTA officers!**

7:00 PM    Principal Welcome Message and PTA General Meeting budget proposal

                                              **Classroom and teacher visitation immediately following**

Thank You,

2017-2018 UH PTA