Who We Are:

The UFA is a nonprofit organization focused on the development of plasma science and technology for the long-term development of a new, environmentally attractive energy source using controlled thermonuclear fusion energy.

Members of the UFA are professional and student researchers in educational institutions throughout the United States.

What We Support:

The study of the science of matter under extreme conditions (high temperature and/or density) typical of that required for sustained thermonuclear reactions.

The development of the knowledge and technology necessary for the production of fusion reactivity for commercial applications and electrical power production.

What We Do:

Officers of the UFA advocate in an official capacity for fusion science funding at universities, as representatives of the UFA membership, in concert with leadership from national laboratories and private industry.

The UFA also holds annual events including our main meeting with the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics, and serves as a hub for information of specific interest to our research community.