DNA liquid crystals

DNA liquid crystals

Particulate gels with different polymer concentrations

Soy-bean oil microemulsion  

DNA liquid crystals

optical setup for bacteria recognition

Cell monolayer

DNA columnar phase

Phase separation in DNA-PEG mixtures

DNA nanotechnology for self assembled networks

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DNA liquid crystals

3D woodpile filled with liquid crystals

Polarized optical microscopy image of a DNA  cholesteric phase

SEM image of a woodpile

Binary image of a foam

Zanchetta's DNA


Micro-beads iso-refractive with water 

SEM image of the Hyflon AD membrane cross-section 

Enhancement of DNA ligation trough LC ordering

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the usual group meeting

NAPES group conquers Paris


DNA liquid crystals

Fluorolink emulsion


Bacteria captured on a microfluidic chip

Collective motion in a cell monolayer

SEM image of a Hyflon membrane

spot with bacteria

Silicon oil emulsion in water

Bacteria captured on a microfluidic chip

Columnar LC domains of short DNA duplexes

membranes iso-refractive to water

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Tommy's PhD!

not only experimentals, we also perform models

Miniaturization test