Saturday, April 13th, 2019
11am - 4pm
FB 2017 Contest Winners:
Beginning Agility Course

Prancing Pups Dancing Contest

Costume Contest

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Join us for a day of family fun!
 The Dog Olympics will host many competitions and demonstrations!
We are a student group at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine that organizes philanthropic community events such as the Dog Olympics and the Hoof and Woof in the fall! All proceeds from the Dog Olympics will go to support the Secondhand Hounds Animal Rescue!

Friendly dogs who are up to date on their Rabies vaccine are welcome to participate in competitions 
or just watch them, but feel free to attend without a dog companion!

 Cost of Admission: 
Adults: $10 cash or check at the door 
or $10 credit card (plus $1.50 processing fee) through this website
Buy one Adult Admission ticket and then select a ticket for the individual games/contests!
Children 12 and under: Free
Dog companions: Free
All ticket sales will be donated to the Secondhand Hounds Animal Rescue. 

   Need-To-Know Information:
  • Doggy waste will not be allowed in the trash cans. We will provide poop scoopers for picking up dog poop and will have wheel barrels for them to dispose waste in. The state fair does not want bags to be used for this disposal.

  • Waivers must be signed by owners whose dogs will be participating in competitions
    • Participants can print and sign the waiver (link coming soon) in advance to bring to the event 
    • Or there will be waivers available at the door to sign
    • Dogs who are not participating in events or people without dogs do not need a waiver signed

  • All dogs participating this event are required to be current on their Rabies Vaccine
    • A rabies certificate needs to be available upon request

  • Dogs at the event must be kept on a 6 foot or shorter leash at all times unless competing in an event

  • Dogs and people who are not participating in a specific competition are not allowed to be in the arena, even during breaks between events
    • You must be wearing a wristband for the occurring event to be let into the arena

  • Children under 12 will receive free admission and are encouraged to attend this family-friendly event
    • However, it is important to remember that not all dogs are used to being around children and vice versa
    • A child should always ask an owner before petting a dog
    • Children should be supervised at all times
    • When bringing children to an event with many dogs, it is important to be aware that children are at a risk of dog bites
    • Click this AVMA link for more information.
This event is brought to you by: 
The University of Minnesota's Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 
The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, 
The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center,
Nestle Purina PetCare Company
and the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation
Please click on our Sponsors link above for a full list of sponsors