COG BELT REDUCTION DRIVE REDRIVE , ratio 2:1 , belt width 1-3/8" , $375

cog belt reduction drive pulley

ROTAX gearbox type A. Comes complete with all nuts & bolts, rubber O-ring and fill/drain plugs. Gears and bearing are in good condition. Reduction ratio is 2.58-to-1 This is a 4-bolt setup that fits Rotax 277. It can be adapted to a 503 with the adapter plate listed below but you'll need to get the longer pinion gear (and bolt) to compensate for the added thickness of the adapter. $450 (Drew's stock)

used Rotax reduction gearbox for sale

ROTAX spacer to allow an A gearbox to bolt on to twin cyl Rotaxes 377, 447, 503 and 532. A longer pinion gear is necessary to compensate for the added thickness of the spacer. You can get that pinion gear from Rotax.

COGBELT REDUCTION DRIVES with centrifugal clutch, shaft, bearings, mounts and accessories.

$695 for the lot ; or call / write for individual pricing...

COGBELT for ulralight reduction drives

Cogbelt for ultralight aircraft reduction drive for sale
Cogbelt for sale

WINTER / WINTERS PLANETARY gear reduction drive ...

...this particular model / type was suited to a CUYUNA / Rockwell motor.

Planetary gear reduction drive for sale
Ultralight aircraft planetary gear reduction drive

ORION propfan composite construction. Actual pitch degree is 14 degrees @ 3/4 blade. (below) LH

3-blade fiberglass prop

2-blade, adjustable pitch, wood , aluminum hub, epoxy leading edges, 6-bolt flange pattern Rotax compatible. Condition like new. 68" var P RH

adjustable pitch propeller

2-blade, wood, fixed pitch 68" L 36P RH

Prop for rotax flange
Used propeller
propeller Rotax

(Photos above and below)

From top to bottom:

- The white prop with red/yellow tips is has a 68 in, dia. X 36 in, pitch. RH

- The white one with square tips has 63.5 dia. X 35 pitch (originally a 68 X 32). RH

- The white prop with pointed tips has a diameter of 68 inch and pitch of 36 in. RH

- The one with black leading edges has an aluminum hub that allows the blade pitch to be adjusted.

it has a diameter of 68 inches.

- The prop with white tips is a 68 X 28 shortened to 63.5 in. RH

- The bottom one with red tips is a 54 in. X 36 in. LH

They all have the standard Rotax 6-bolt pattern

Ultralight aircraft propellers

Prop 48 Dia. X 21 Pitch X 9 degrees Angle. LH

Good for 25 hp, 45 mph cruise speed and 2.6 reduction ratio.

Rotax 6-bolt pattern is the same as many PPG belt reduction drives.

Tractor configuration with belt drive or pusher with gear drive.

3 pine laminations - balanced. (Drew's stock)

Propeller 48 X 21

PRO-PULSION powered parachute prop made for Miniplane Top 80.

For pusher configuration. ( or any LH use )

Diameter is 49.25 in (125 cm) and pitch 20 in (51 cm)

Powered parachute prop 3
Powered parachute prop 2

A few spare blades for some of the props listed here.

Ultra-Prop blades