ROTAX 670cc --- 2 cyl. in parts, ready to assemble. All the necessary parts are there and in good condition. $ 335 (.50 cents pour cc :)

ROTAX 503 aircraft. Compatible with cogbelt reduction drives.

Rotax 503 for sale

ROTAX 503 aircraft. Engine block type ''provision 8" compatible with Rotax gearbox redrives.

Rotax 503 ultralight engine for sale

ROTAX 503 aircraft. Engine block compatible with belt reduction drives. $445

Rotax 503 used parts for sale

OMC - OMC engine modified for U/L or airboat use... includes propeller.

. 2-cylinders opposed, 362 cc, 16 hp @ 4,800 RPM, direct drive, free air, with prop flange.

Could also be used for drones. $ 875

Drone engine for sale

Chainsaw-based drone engine.

Drone engine

ROTAX recoil starter for 277, 377, 447, 503, and 532. $65. (Drew's stock)

crinque de Rotax

ROTAX recoil starter cup $5. (Drew's stock)

Rotax starter cup

Kimpex ignition coil 01-143-11 for ROTAX twin cyl. CD ignition. $35. (Drew's stock)

Kimpex ignition coil 01-143-11

Ignition coil for Rotax 2-cyl engines with CDI. $35. (Drew's stock)

Ignition coil Rotax Nippondenso CDI

Nippondenso ignition CDI for ROTAX engines. Denso Part no. 070000-1530 $100. (Drew's stock)

Nippondenso ignition CDI Rotax

ROTAX 277 cylinder and piston in fair condition. $150. (Drew's stock)

Rotax 277 piston cylinder used