Tierra ultralight 2-seat for sale

TIERRA II- 2-seater, enclosed cockpit, Rotax 532 with B geardrive. It needs recovering. It has been disassembled for storage. A nice project.

T-Bird II for sale

1994 T-BIRD II for sale. Very low engine hours, with ceconite and aluminium cover, streamlined low drag struts, and fully enclosed cabin. It has its original full set of gauges, and ballistic parachute. Can sell it with skis and/or floats. Aircraft base price: $8,750

CHALLENGER I - single seater part 103 ultralight airframe. Obviously it needs to be re-covered. There are no missing or damaged parts. The frame has been stripped of glue and cleaned ready for re-covering. The wing and tailfeathers are included but not shown in the photo. The plane can be sold with or without the powerplant package. Price is $1,200 for the airframe and $1,200 for the Rotax 503 engine package. If you buy both the engine and airframe the total price will be lower.


Used Challenger 1 for sale

Vintage PELICAN 1984. Single-seat ultralight. Global 2-cyl, 4-stroke, 35 hp engine much more reliable than Rotaxe's. Aluminum frame is not rusted nor rotted. Fabric is not of show quality but it has been punch tested and proved airworthy to ultralight standards. Minimum instruments. Exceptional fuel efficiency - 1.3 gal/hr. Takes off in 200 ft and cruises at 60 mph. Empty weight is 265 lbs but it can be made to conform to U.S. part 103 Ultralight standard by installing a parachute or exploiting other loopholes. If you like the looks and sounds of a traditional aircraft but don't want to be bothered by regulations, this is the plane for you. This cute little bird is ready to fly and needs no repairs.

Price is $6,500. USD.


Pelican ultralight for sale
Global half VW engine for sale


WEEDHOPPER on Zenair aluminum floats. Powered by 27 hp Rotax 277 free air cooling. 2-axis controls. Single seat. STOL. Fun and easy to fly. Engine, sails and airframe are in good airworthy condition. All the lakes and rivers become your landing strip. $6,500


Ultralight seaplane for sale

CONDOR - single seat, on fiberglass floats, Kawasaki 340 engine, pusher, Quicksilver clone, in reasonnable flying condition. If you are a seaplane enthusiast, you will love this little seaplane. Just like the bush pilots of our flying heritage, you will be able to skim the waves as well as reach for the clouds in this simple, wind-in-the-face seaplane. Roam the beaches, explore remote lakes, go fishing, follow rivers at low altitude, or just float around in the peace and quiet of any body of water.... Seaplane pilots all agree to say that flying a seaplane is the most rewarding kind of flying they experienced. Don't miss this occasion to put yourself into the pilot seat of a floatplane. Buy this seaplane and reach the Nirvana !!!!!

CHINOOK WT-II - Single seat. Ultralight legal. Fully enclosed cockpit. Clean aerodynamics and low fuel consumption. Powered by a 40 hp Rotax 447 2-cyl. Engine, sails and airframe are in good airworthy condition. $4,800.


Chinook ultral├ęger


DragonLight UL
Dragon 150 ultralight for sale

DRAGON 150 - 2 seater side-by-side, Fuji-Robin 440 cc, 45 hp engine with belt reduction drive, rare British ultralight design in need of restoration. It is all disassembled but there are no missing parts. Sails can be used as a pattern to make a new set. It can be shipped overseas if need be. The above photos are not those of the actual aircraft but they represent the same type.

Here you can view or download technical info on this aircraft Dragon microlight info.pdf

FUJI-ROBIN engine 440 cc with cogbelt redrive. This is the original engine of the Dragon 150.

Dragon 150 british ultralight aircraft fo sale

ROGALLO - hang glider in fair condition. Just run down a hillside and fly ! It cannot be more simple than that. And it cannot be more cheaper than $800. Can't have a photo for this one...