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v1.12.2 (2009-06-27)
  • Linux Only
    • Feature: Indeterminate states for Advanced options indicating "don't force"
    • Feature: VSync option
    • Change: Messageboxes and file selection dialogs are now modal
    • Change: Use a newer file selection dialog
    • Change: Use icons and accelerators in menus where applicable
v1.12.1 (2009-05-08)
  • Windows Only
    • Fix: Options that modify psx.ini directly not working properly
v1.12 (2009-01-10)
  • Windows Only
    • Feature: "Detailed" and "Small Icon" views
    • Feature: Full screen resolution option (affects both PAL and NTSC options)
    • Feature: Indeterminate states for Advanced options indicating "don't force"
    • Feature: Some keyboard accelerators/shortcuts added
    • Feature: Standard shortcuts now extended to contain advanced options
    • Feature: VSync options (full screen and windowed)
    • Change: "List" view in Profiles list behaves like real "List" view
    • Change: Don't allow overwriting of profiles on rename
    • Change: In-listview profile renaming
    • Change: Monitor dection made (hopefully) be more future-proof
    • Change: Resizing frontend updates switches and profiles list more smoothly
    • Change: Stricter checks for custom resolution input
    • Fix: "Missing window" bug when closing on minimized state in Vista
v1.11 (2007-07-29)
  • Feature: Ability to use extra switches not already in switches list
  • Change: Minor tweaks
  • Linux Only
    • New: x64 build
    • Feature: Added the -f switch
    • Change: Expand '~' properly for paths
    • Change: Use ~/.pSX/ as the default settings directory
    • Remove: "Auto" from aspect ratio list (doesn't work in Linux anyway)
  • Windows Only
    • Change: Added Alcohol 120% images (MDF/MDS) to file type filter list
    • Fix: "No Correction" selecting 4:3 instead for aspect ratio
    • Fix: BIOS field being unable to accept drag-and-dropped files
v1.10 (2007-05-22)
  • New: Linux port (x86 only)
  • Feature: Added the -A switch (not sure how it was missed before)
  • Feature: Bilinear filtering option
  • Feature: Frame skipping option
  • Change: BIOS selector no longer hardcoded
  • Change: Handle invalid dropdown options more gracefully
  • Change: Overhauled profile reading/running (no longer loads before running)
  • Fix: Bug where pSX isn't run with "Hide Log Window" in certain situations
  • Fix: Crash bug when pSX is exited before frontend could resize it
  • Fix: Drag-and-drop funkiness with regards to relative paths
v1.09 (2006-12-11)
  • Feature: Drag and drop files into various controls works intuitively
  • Feature: Export normal shortcuts for profiles without loading them first
  • Feature: Option to exit/minimize frontend when pSX runs
  • Feature: Option to load/run profile on double-click
  • Feature: Option to view profiles in icon/list view
  • Feature: Rename a profile
  • Feature: Select icon for profile (carries over to shortcut)
  • Feature: Update a profile without needing confirmation
  • Change: General bugfixes and optimizations
  • Change: Minimize memory usage (Windows NT-based operating systems only)
  • Change: Moved profile tab to front
  • Change: Profile control buttons moved to profile list context menu
  • Change: Remember maximized state for window
  • Change: Strip leading and trailing whitespace from profile names
  • Change: Tweaked resizing of pSX window to make it somewhat more reliable
  • Change: Upgraded AutoIt (explains size jump, and makes most changes possible)
  • Change: Write pSX settings into psx.ini only if pSX is run
  • Change: Write memory card path directly into psx.ini
  • Fix: Importing shortcuts would erase BIOS setting in psx.ini
v1.08 (2006-09-04)
  • Feature: Ability to toggle pSX process priority between Normal and High
  • Change: Deleting profiles only works if a profile is selected
  • Fix: Exiting pSX before it is resized would crash frontend
  • Fix: Typo in BIOS list (SCPH9002 now Europe rather than North America)
  • Fix: Weird profile list loading bug when deleting last profile (finally)
v1.07 (2006-08-27)
  • Feature: Ability to hide the log window when running pSX
  • Feature: Ability to change pSX window size
  • Change: More BIOS versions added
  • Change: Region abbreviations for BIOS list changed to full names
  • Change: Take multiple monitors into account when loading frontend
v1.06 (2006-08-20)
  • Change: Copy profile name to Profile field when selected from list
  • Change: Don't switch to Basic tab when loading profile
  • Change: Warn before overwriting or deleting a profile
  • Fix: Advanced shortcut (was created even though location not specified)
v1.05 (2006-08-18)
  • Feature: Create "advanced" shortcuts that do anything the frontend can
  • Change: Automatically show Profiles tab on startup if profiles are found
  • Change: Check shortcut arguments for paths without quotation marks
  • Change: Paths without spaces get quotation no marks when exported to shortcut
  • Change: Profile names cannot contain square brackets (messes with INI)
v1.04 (2006-08-17)
  • Feature: Import profile shortcuts
  • Feature: Relative path support
  • Fix: Dropdown list bug on pre-XP operating systems (started from v1.02)
  • Fix: Some more BIOS issues fixed
v1.03 (2006-08-16)
  • Feature: Ability to clear current settings
  • Feature: Ability to specify where you'd like to save shortcuts
  • Change: Automatically remember previous session
  • Change: List only those BIOS files that exist, if BIOS directory found
  • Change: Split pSX Frontend settings off from previous session settings
  • Fix: BIOS problems (hopefully)
v1.02 (2006-08-16)
  • Feature: Create shortcuts based on current profile
  • Feature: Select BIOS
  • Feature: Use psx.ini for paths if it exists
  • Change: Remember last used directory when selecting files
  • Change: Renamed the previous "Advanced" tab to "Switches"
  • Change: Save psxfrontend.ini to same directory as frontend
  • Fix: Restore Last Session menu item (took 3 clicks to enable at start)
v1.01 (2006-08-15)
  • Feature: Ability to remember previous session
  • Feature: Profiles
  • Change: Streamlined disc selection a bit
  • Change: Runs with correct working directory now...
v1.00 (2006-08-13)
  • New: Initial release