pSX Frontend


pSX Frontend is a frontend for pSX Emulator. This frontend was created to help those unfamiliar with the commandline to use all of the switches (many of which have no equivalent in the pSX configuration). The features included have caused pSX Frontend to grow beyond the original vision for it, and it is now able to perform more advanced functions, including the ability to save profiles for convenient access in the future.


  • Access to all commandline switches and parameters from an intuitive interface
  • Profiles for saving configurations
  • Select BIOS on a per-profile basis
  • Windows Only
    • Advanced shortcuts that go beyond the typical pSX shortcut (select BIOS, etc)
    • Hide log window when running pSX
    • Import/export shortcuts
    • Increase pSX process priority
    • Resize pSX window


[v1.09] Windows
[v1.08] Windows
[v1.07] Windows
[v1.06] Windows
[v1.05] Windows
[v1.04] Windows
[v1.03] Windows
[v1.02] Windows
[v1.01] Windows
[v1.00] Windows


  • "pSX Frontend Settings" and "Last Session" cannot be used as profile names
  • Extra switches are left unparsed, so be careful not to use conflicting or duplicate switches
  • Switches may or may not work depending on the version of pSX being used
  • Linux Only
    • If a psx-frontend.ini file is located in the same directory as pSX Frontend's executable, then it will use that copy instead of ~/.pSX/psxfrontend.ini.
    • When running a game directly from your disc drive, make sure the actual raw device is used (look in /dev), and not the mount point.
  • Windows Only
    • Advanced shortcuts require pSX Frontend in order to work properly
    • Do NOT use the "Hide log window" feature if you plan on making bug or game compatibility reports, as you may miss important information that should be included in your report
    • For obvious reasons, advanced shortcuts are cannot be imported
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