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v0.7.1.0 (2010-02-09)
  • Feature: Recovery fallback on decoding error
v0.7.0.0 (2009-12-31)
  • New: x64 build support
  • Feature: Item hashing
  • Feature: Item validation
  • Feature: Merge binary/dictionary/list data
  • Feature: Move item to top/bottom
  • Feature: Recursive sorting (hold Shift while clicking Item > Sort Keys)
  • Feature: Undo/redo changes
  • Change: Allow blank key names when searching using "Value by Key"
  • Change: Allow save if file no longer exists, even without changes
  • Change: Binary input/conversion made slightly more lenient/reliable
  • Change: Exporting integers exports a raw (rather than BEncoded) integer
  • Change: Indicate in the window title whether a file has been modified
  • Change: Move up/down keyboard shortcuts changed to Ctrl+Up/Down
  • Change: Reload the treeview on F5, reload from disk on Ctrl+R
  • Change: Select all text in focused dialog input control on Ctrl+A
  • Change: Shift+F3 searches in the opposite direction
  • Change: Show "Find" dialog if never shown before "Find Next" is used
  • Change: Store Find options only on search, not on dialog close
  • Fix: Repeated successive conversions into Binary allowed in Find/Replace
  • Fix: Switching data types not properly hiding/showing controls in dialogs
  • Fix: UI "allows" child to be added to an integer, but crashes on attempt
v0.6.1.0 (2008-09-18)
  • Fix: Paths with consecutive '%' characters fail to open
v0.6.0.0 (2008-06-20)
  • Feature: Cut/Copy/Paste items
  • Feature: Filter searches based on key
  • Feature: Holding Ctrl while reloading reloads data from disk
  • Feature: Log the number of replacements made during Replace All
  • Feature: Move item up/down
  • Feature: On import, use filename as suggestion for key name (if empty)
  • Feature: Regular expressions search/replace (PCRE engine)
  • Feature: Select all Logger tab items with Ctrl+A
  • Feature: Sort keys (for dictionaries only)
  • Change: Add accelerators for dialog buttons
  • Change: Center popup dialogs on display
  • Change: Disable dialog buttons on action
  • Change: Display Edit dialog on double-click only if text double-clicked
  • Change: Don't collapse/expand treeview item on double-click
  • Change: Faster BDecoding (~30% improvement over v0.5.1 in tests)
  • Change: Faster BEncoding (~85% improvement over v0.5.1 in tests)
  • Change: Faster Find/Replace operation (much improved on larger treeviews)
  • Change: Faster treeview filling (~50% improvement over v0.5.1 in tests)
  • Change: Focus main window on drag-and-drop
  • Change: Increase input limit on edit controls
  • Change: Searches for blank values are always treated as exact searches
  • Change: Select all text in Value field each time Find/Replace dialog shown
  • Change: Unicode support on treeview and listview
  • Change: Use accelerators instead of global hotkeys
  • Change: Visual feedback when busy performing find (busy mouse cursor)
  • Fix: Inaccurate window resize limiting under various Windows themes
  • Fix: Non-transparent background on "button" icons in certain situations
  • Fix: Switching binary input type in Add/Edit dialogs causes data loss
  • Fix: Sub-item count not displayed for dictionaries/lists added to a list
v0.5.1.0 (2008-03-06)
  • Fix: Missing controls in the Find/Replace dialog
v0.5.0.0 (2008-02-14)
  • Feature: "Item" menu with associated keyboard shortcuts
  • Feature: Copy Logger tab items with Ctrl+C
  • Feature: Double-click to edit item
  • Feature: Export data from selected item
  • Feature: Import external file as binary data
  • Feature: Input raw BEncoded data directly or from an external file
  • Change: Add .torrent and .dat to dropdown list in Open/Save dialogs
  • Change: Add line breaks to the Logger tab between file opens
  • Change: Disable hotkeys when busy
  • Change: Don't allow saves when no changes have been made to data
  • Change: Faster BDecoding (~15% improvement over v0.4.1 in tests)
  • Change: Faster treeview filling (~20% improvement over v0.4.1 in tests)
  • Change: Miscellaneous Find/Replace tweaks, fixes, and polish
  • Change: Show type and item count for "[ ROOT ]" item
  • Fix: "ITEM -1" when adding child list/dictionary to bottom of list
  • Fix: "Reached beginning/end of document" message sometimes shown twice
  • Fix: Combobox not showing options in dropdown on pre-XP systems
  • Fix: Strings can replace integers in Find/Replace
  • Fix: Typo in Logger entry for BEncoding
  • Fix: Using "Find Next" sometimes returns focus to wrong window
v0.4.1.0 (2007-12-05)
  • Fix: "Properize" bad integer input
v0.4.0.0 (2007-12-05)
  • Change: "File > Load" changed to "File > Open"
  • Change: Faster BDecoding (~30% improvement over v0.3 in tests)
  • Change: Faster treeview filling (~70% improvement over v0.3 in tests)
  • Change: Minor optimizations to adding/deleting/editing of items
  • Change: No longer clears window if file loading/decoding fails
  • Change: No longer switches to Structure tab on file open
  • Change: Scroll Logger when new entries are added
  • Change: Timings shown in Logger
  • Fix: File locked if open/save fail
  • Fix: File save error caused window to clear (possible data loss)
  • Fix: Find/Replace on keys with dictionary values caused incorrect item count
  • Fix: Integers in lists not displayed on treeview
  • Fix: Integers larger than 32-bits not displayed properly on treeview
  • Fix: Integers larger than 64-bits unusable
  • Fix: Keyboard shortcut for file open not working
  • Fix: Making binary value empty in lists doesn't update/show on treeview
v0.3.0.0 (2007-11-25)
  • Feature: Drag and drop support
  • Feature: Find/Find Next/Replace
  • Feature: Load files from commandline
  • Change: A bit more aware of disk read/write errors
  • Change: Don't close main window on Esc
  • Change: Faster BDecoding (~75% improvement over v0.2 in tests)
  • Change: Log some more events
  • Change: Smaller executable due to lessened dependence on standard library
  • Change: Visual feedback when busy (busy mouse cursor)
v0.2.0.0 (2007-10-25)
  • Feature: Create NEW BEncoded files
  • Feature: Edit "[ ROOT ]" item directly
  • Feature: Keyboard shortcuts
  • Change: Ask to save file before performing actions where changes get lost
  • Change: Don't display ellipses ("...") for empty binary strings
  • Change: Improve string/binary conversion to minimize chances of data loss
  • Change: Switch to Logger tab on error
  • Change: Use child dialogs for FileOpenDialog, FileSaveDialog, and MsgBox
  • Change: Use icons as buttons (Crystal Clear icon set by Everaldo)
  • Change: Warn when data loss imminent from switching views
  • Fix: Saving appends data to end of file
v0.1.0.0 (2007-10-08)
  • Initial release