History of PDC

[An excerpt from the Phi Delta Chi National website]

On November 2, 1883, 11 men at the University of Michigan formed the fraternity. At that time, there were a number of literary societies at Michigan, but Phi Delta Chi's founders believed something should be organized exclusively for the College of Pharmacy.  A Quotation from the early records reads:  "Both students and faculty recognized that such an organization would bring students of pharmacy together for the discussion of scientific questions pertaining to pharmacy and its sister sciences."

The forward-looking young men who on that day in 1883 banded together to form an association that has grown into Phi Delta Chi are all deceased.  But their names will be long remembered by every Phi Dex:  Charles Edward Bond, Franklin Herbert Frazee, Llewellyn Hall Gardner, Calvin Pomeroy Godfrey, Adolf Gustave Hoffman, Arthur Gilliam Hopper, Charles F. Hueber, George Pawling Leamon, Arthur Sidney Rogers, Azor Thurston, and Albert Tenny Waggoner.

The reason for Phi Delta Chi's continued existence is due in large part to the interest that has been maintained throughout the past 100 years for the continued helpfulness of the Brothers towards each other and their willingness to follow the purpose of the Fraternity originally advanced in 1883 at Ann Arbor:

"The object of the association shall be to advance the science of pharmacy and allied interest and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members.

Phi Delta Chi was founded at UIC College of Pharmacy on January 3, 1952.