As part of the National Policy on Education, Academic Staff Colleges were constituted with the objective of enabling newly appointed Lecturers to understand the significance of education in general and higher education in particular and to acquire and improve basic skills of teaching at the College/ University level,  to achieve the goals of higher education, to perceive the role of teachers in the total system and to utilize the opportunities for development of personality, initiative and creativity.

The UGC-Academic Staff College, University of Kerala was instituted in 1987.  So far the ASC has conducted 136 Orientation Programmes, 441 Refresher Courses, 5 Special Summer/Winter School Programmes and 28 Short-Term Programmes including Principals’ Workshop, Workshop for University Heads, Short-Term Course for Research Guides, Training Programme for University Administrators, Computer Training Programme for University / College teachers, Interaction Programme for Research Students, etc. 21,650 University / College teachers were benefited by these programmes.  The ASC now functions in the Golden Jubilee Building at Kariavattom campus with crore –Academic Staff consisting of a Professor who is also the Director and non-Academic Staff consisting of an Administrative Officer and a team of staff.  

According to the status report of University Grants Commission, to evaluate the yearly performances of Academic Staff Colleges, the UGC-Academic Staff College University of Kerala has been retaining the top position among 66 Academic Staff Colleges all over India for the last many years in conducting maximum number of programmes and training maximum number of participants during X, XI and XII Plan periods.    

 The Academic Staff College functions on a 6 day week basis from 8.30. am to 5.00 pm as the class hours are from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. In some cases public holidays are also made working days in order to complete the designated duration of the courses.  

       UGC-Consortium for Educational Communication has provided Edusat facility to this ASC.  Many teachers from different Departments and the participants of Refresher Courses/ Orientation Programmes make use of this facility.

            ASC is equipped with a full fledged Computer Lab with 40 computers and two AC class rooms with audio-visual facilities.  The campus is WiFi.