Welcome to UF's Environmental Horticulture Club's Website!

Sale Days

Thursday, December 8th - appointment shopping 9 AM - 6 PM

Friday, December 9th - open-house (no appointment needed) 9AM - 6 PM OR UNTIL SOLD OUT

(Booking an appointment is encouraged if you want to select from nearly 50 unique varieties before they sell out)

Poinsettia Sale

The ENH Club is proud to annually host the largest student-run poinsettia sale in the nation. Learn more by navigating to our sale page!

Greenhouse Work Days

Our club members working diligently in the greenhouse to grow the best poinsettia crop for our December Sale.

Community Service

As a club we do more than grow poinsettias! The ENH Club partakes in and creates community service opportunities that may involve getting rid of invasive plants, volunteering at garden centers and more.

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