About Us

As a club, our goal is to bring together students interested in Horticulture. We provide opportunities for members to expand their knowledge through hands-on learning during the growing and sale of our annual poinsettia crop. Students learn about plant physiology and production through growing the crop from plugs to flower stage, and also have the opportunity to obtain business skills through our annual sale of the over 4,000 plants we grow.

EVERYONE is welcome to be a member whether you are a plant genius or are thirsting for more knowledge. You do not need to have a specific major/minor to join. Below is a general outline of our activities:

Educational Opportunities

  • Poinsettia Crop Grow Days - Greenhouse Operations, Crop management, Sales/Advertising, etc.

  • International Trip

  • State Field Trip

  • Botanical Garden Visits

  • Horticulture Conferences (FNGLA and PMA)

  • Annual Landscape Competition (National Collegiate Landscape Competition/Student Career Days)

Professional and Leadership Development

“A Day in the Life” Series

    • Professional Speakers

      • Industry representatives come to speak and recruit

    • Internship Presentations

      • Students share their summer internship experiences

Seminars by the UF Career Resource Center

    • Resume building and Q&A session

Member-led Committees

    • Students have the opportunity to lead their own committees in preparation for the Poinsettia sale, such as Pre-Sales, Marketing, and Deliveries

Community service

ENH Club Weedstock

    • Grounds maintenance around Fifield and Merhoff Hall

Air Potato Round-Up

    • An annual community-wide removal event of invasive air potatoes

Plant Donations

    • Every year, our club donates over 50 plants to charities including The Ronald McDonald House, St. Francis House, and other shelters

Great Invader Rally

    • Our club participates in this local Gainesville event to reduce the impact of coral ardisia in our native areas


Poinsettia Sale

  • Our sale raises funds to support our educational trips and weekly meeting food

Spring Plant Sale

  • We make arrangements with succulents, cacti, and foliage plants, and sell them for a two day event for funding

Graduate Club Spring Plant Sale

  • We reinforce our business lessons by helping the graduate level students sell coleus plants


  • Please contact our current President or Advisor if you have any sponsorship inquiries


International/Florida State Trips

  • We bond as a club through sharing lessons about horticulture and community during these trips that last from one day to over a week

Local trips to the Central Florida Area

  • We gather on the weekends to tour different horticultural operations one to two hours away from the university