Cleaning Schedule

                    Gym Clean-up                            Upstairs Clean-up

Reminder: If you are unable to be there the week you are assigned - it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement and let a council member know who your replacement is!

Clean up check list:
- Classroom tables clean, chairs in place, floors clean
- windows closed
- Printer moved back to room 28
- Storage cabinet locked
- Bathroom sinks wiped down, toilets flushed, no trash
- Empty all trash from restrooms and classrooms into large cans in Room 22
- All items (Chairs, DVD's) returned to original rooms

- all tables clean
- Floor swept around tables and chairs pushed back under tables
- No items on floor in our stockroom area
- Bathroom trash emptied, and sinks wiped down
- All trash taken to the dumpster and new liners put in cans
- All dark scuff marks cleaned off gym floor (use tennis balls)
- Any items left behind by students stored in our stockroom