Cleaning Schedule

Gym Clean up :                                            Upstairs Cleanup:  
Jan 9-Mindee Mills                                      Jan 9-Liz Schweizer
Jan 16-Heather Bryant                                Jan 16-Barbara Harper
Jan 23-                                                          Jan 23-John Eilert
Jan 30- Liz Schweizer                                  Jan 30-John Eilert
Feb 6-Baptista Lindsey                               Feb 6-Diana Jenkins
Feb 13-Stacey Harvey                                 Feb 13-Sheila Crowley
Feb 20-Laura Zell                                        Feb 20-April Jessup
Feb 27-Melissa Larkins                                Feb 27- AJ McIntosh
March 6- Darla A &  Quenell B                    March 6- Ashley Goodbread
March 13-                                                      March 13-Dawn Kuhn
March 20-Keisha Waller                              March 20-Tammy Whitehouse
April 10-Stephanie Snodgrass                     April 10-Holly Moore(Anderson)
April 17-Emily Keeling                                 April 17-Stacey Harvey
April 24-Carrie Durban                                April 24-Leslie Gaston
May 1-                                                           May 1-Baptista Lindsey
Reminder: If you are unable to be there the week you are assigned - it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement and let a council member know who your replacement is!!