The purpose of this site is to announce and coordinate activities in Optimization at UC Davis. To subscribe to announcements of upcoming events, you are invited to join the mailing list on Google Groups.

Current Activities

New seminar starting Fall 2018: (We will have an opening event on Oct 1, 2018, please check the link below) 
New undergraduate major:
2017/18 Optimization Activities:



Department of Mathematics

  • Prof. Jesús De Loera — Discrete Optimization
  • Prof. Roland Freund — Large-scale Optimization, Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Prof. Matthias Köppe — Integer Programming
  • Prof. Shiqian Ma — Optimization and its applications in machine learning, statistics, signal processing, image processing, bioinformatics
  • Prof. Luis Rademacher — Theoretical computer science, foundations of data science, convex geometry, matrix computations, machine learning, optimization
  • Prof. Thomas Strohmer — Applied optimization techniques in signal/image processing, big data
  • Prof. Roger Wets — Stochastic Programming

Department of Computer Science

  • Prof. Dan Gusfield — Combinatorial optimization, computational biology
  • Prof. Xin Liu — Applied optimization techniques in computer and communication networks
Department of Statistics
  • Prof. Cho-Jui Hsieh — Optimization, statistical machine learning, scalable data analytics
  • Prof. Xiaodong Li — Large data analysis by optimization, compressed sensing and its extensions

Graduate School of Management

  • Prof. Prasad Naik — Marketing applications of dynamic model estimation, Kalman filtering, model selection, dimension reduction and inverse regression
  • Prof. Olivier Rubel — Applied optimal control and game theory to economics and management science
  • Prof. David Woodruff — Stochastic Programming; Metaheuristics

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Prof. Yueyue Fan — Stochastic and dynamic system modeling and computation with applications in transportation and energy infrastructure systems