2011W: Discrete Mathematics (148)

Instructor: Matthias Köppe (3143 MSB)

TA: Benjamin Fineman

Textbook: Discrete Mathematics, 2nd edition, by Norman L. Biggs.

Grading: Homework 30%, Midterms 30%, Final 40%.  The lowest grade of the midterms, and the lowest grade of the homework series will be dropped.

Homework will be assigned, and other announcements will be made, via SmartSite.

Syllabus: We will depart from the department syllabus somewhat. The focus of this course will be Combinatorial Optimization and related Algorithms, as reflected in Part III of Biggs. I will supplement the textbook with an extensive set of slides.

Class computer accounts: Some homework will be computer-based. You will need class accounts; to create one, please go to: http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/comp/class-accts