Fall 2014

12:40 - 1:30 PM every Thursday, location = Hearst Field Annex Room B5 (the New Campbell Hall location is TBD).
To volunteer for a 12 minute talk + 4 minutes for questions, send email to Paul Kalas (kalas@berkeley.edu) and Al Glassgold (aglassgold@berkeley.edu).

Bold means confirmed

Aug 28:
  • 1 minute talks 
Sept 4:
  • Dan Werthimer (UC Berkeley) "What's new in SETI"
  • Karto Keating (UC Berkeley)  "The Undiscovered CO: Charting Bulk Molecular Gas in the Early Universe"
  • Linda Tacconi (MPE) "NOEMA: the NOrthern Extended Millimeter Array"

Sept 11:
  • Dan Perley (Caltech) "Can Gamma-Ray Bursts Explode in ULIRGs?  A Radio-Wavelength View of the GRB Host Galaxy Population"
  • Chelsea Harris (UC Berkeley)  "Prospects of Detecting CSM from SNe Ia Progenitor Systems"
  • Sasha Tchekhovskoy (UC Berkeley)  "What turns off gamma-ray bursts (and keeps me up at night)?"

Sept 18:
  • Chris Ormel (UC Berkeley)  "The atmosphere of low-mass planets in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions"
  • Paul Duffell (UC Berkeley) "Moving Mesh Astrophysics"
  • Evan Kirby (Caltech) "The Myth of Lithium-Rich Red Giants"

Sept 25:
  • Lochland Trotter  Q&A on Moving to New Campbell Hall
Oct 2:
  • Dovi Poznanski (Tel Aviv University)  "Understanding the most common supernovae, or belated observational evidence that core bounce cannot explode stars"
  • Freeke van de Voort (UC Berkeley)  TBD
  • Hannah Jang-Condell (Wyoming) "Implicit Bias"  [see Gender-based Systematics in HST Proposal Selection" (http://arxiv.org/abs/1409.3528)]

Oct 9:

  • Bekki Dawson (UC Berkeley)  "Planets with stars: a tale of two conferences"
  • Davide Martizzi (UC Berkeley)  "Supernova Feedback in an Inhomogeneous ISM"
  • Phil Carter (Bristol) "Below the period minimum: a new type of ultracompact binary?"

Oct 16:

  • Lauren Weiss (UCB)  "Introducing The Levy Planetary System HD 7924: It's all in the family"
  • Mikhael Belyaev (UC Berkeley)  "Simulating a pulsar using particle in cell"
  • Alexander Rudolph (CS Polytechnic) "The Effect of Interactive Instruction in the Astro 101 Classroom"

Oct 23:

  • Melissa Graham (UC Berkeley) "SN2014J with APF"
  • Daniel Lecoanet (UC Berkeley)  "Dedalus: A Flexible, Open-Source PDE Solver"
  • Eve Ostriker (Princeton)  “Formation of magnetized prestellar cores”

Oct 30:

  • Nathan Roth (UC Berkeley)  "Radiative transfer studies of tidal disruption events"
  • Eve Lee (UC Berkeley)  "Make Super-Earths, Not Jupiters."
  • Hilke Schlichting (MIT) "Atmospheric mass loss during planet formation: The importance of planetesimal impacts"

Nov 6:

  • Adrian Liu (UC Berkeley)  “A novel approach to global 21cm measurements”
  • Damiano Caprioli (Princeton)  "Particle acceleration at astrophysical shocks"
  • Adam Leroy (NRAO) "Cool gas, dust, and the fate of the cool part of the M82 outflow."

Nov 13:

  • Casey Law (UC Berkeley) "Results from the First Fast Imaging Survey for Fast Radio Bursts"
  • Jack Burns (U. Colorado) “Exploring the Cosmos from the Farside of the Moon”
  • Mariska Kriek (UC Berkeley)  "The MOSFIRE Deep Evolution Field Survey"

Nov 20

  • Robert Feldmann (UC Berkeley) "The structure of galaxies in the group environment - Clues from cosmological simulations"
  • Casey Stark (UC Berkeley)  "Protocluster discovery in reconstructed Lyman-alpha Forest flux maps"
  • Fiona Harrison (Caltech) "Are Some Broad Absorption Line Quasars X-ray Weak?"

Dec 4:

  • Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda (UC Berkeley)  "Characterizing the shortest-period planets found by Kepler"
  • Mate Adamkovics (UC Berkeley)  "Measuring methane humidity variation on Titan"
  • Carl Heiles (UC Berkeley) "An ISM guy looks at the Sun"