A 501c3 Corporation incorporated in the State of Texas 

The Texas Society Order of Confederate Rose (TSOCR)  is an independent support group to assist the Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans (TDSCV) and the local camps in their historical, educational, benevolent and social functions.  The TSOCR is a nonprofit (501c3) Corporation incorporated in the State of Texas and does not discriminate by race, sex, religion or creed.  It is independent from other OCR state societies; however it does assist them whenever possible.

Membership is open to both men and women who wish to promote "truth in Southern history" and to preserve and protect Confederate monuments and markers.  Children are always welcome as members.  Please see "Confederate Legacy" page. 

Take a few moments to look at our website for more information.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact a chapter (see "Chapters" page), the Director (see "Officers and Committee Chairs" page, or the webmaster.  

If you are interested in organizing a new chapter, please contact the Director (see "Officers and Committee Chairs" page).

Thank you for visiting our website.

Southern Heroes are never forgotten!