Workshop Presenters

Michelle Arujo, Dip., MSc, MBACP

Michelle is a therapist and a Tarot practitioner and it’s fair to say that her jobs are equally unique and often misunderstood. Thankfully times are changing. Gone are the times where tarot was for the “wacky” and therapy for the “crazy”. Many of us have been inspired to seek new horizons and look for the meaning and purpose regarding ourselves, our experiences and relationships with others. Michelle's job as a psychic/therapist enables her to work with these themes from different angles. There are interesting parallels.

In both areas, people normally think Michelle's job to provide the answers, but in therapy as well as in Tarot, the magic truth is that the answers are already within the client; Michelle's role is to facilitate this process of insightful self discovery. 

The psychic and therapeutic paths might lead to the same destination but they follow different routes. To preserve the authenticity of each road Michelle does not give tarot readings to counselling clients or “therapize” people seeking a psychic reading. It is important to keep this integrity as a mark of respect to clients who expect Michelle to work in one specific capacity. 

Whether Michelle is travelling the world as a Tarot reader, being fully present in the therapy room or facilitating a thrilling workshop, Michelle's aim is to provide a space where you can be supported and appreciated in your quest. 

Patricia McKeown, Dip Integrative Counselling, 
NVQ Leadership Management and Care

Patricia is an integrative counsellor trained at Richmond Adult Training College. She has a nursing background and has managed residential care homes for young and elderly people with learning disabilities around London and the south east of England. She is interested in using Capacitar techniques alongside tai chi to enhance emotional and physical wellbeing, and is developing workshops with fellow practitioners in London, Scotland and in Ireland where she now lives. She especially enjoys hillwalking in Donegal.

Michael McHugh, MA (Hons), Assoc CIPD 
(accelerated learning, coaching for performance)
Michael has worked as a counsellor and group facilitator since 1993 using a psychosynthesis approach with teachers, social workers, bereavement counsellors, children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and their families. He is now training in psychodynamics and is developing wellbeing workshops in London and Glasgow alongside colleagues and fellow practitioners. 

He plays and records electronic music, enjoys painting from nature, especially birds and watercolour landscapes. If you’d like to read some of his articles and ideas on self-fulfilment, symbolism and psychospiritual development you can look him up on or on