Old Counsellors Page

Maura O' Sullivan
Founder of the Twickenham Counselling and Therapy Centre
She integrates a number of therapies in her practice, including Existential, Energy Psychology, and Person Centred approaches.  In addition to these, she occasionally uses CBT as a practical toolkit for everyday living.  She is passionate about bodywork and believes that emotions get lodged in the body and “the body speaks its mind”. For Maura, thinking is secondary to what Eugene Gendlin calls the emotional flow. This reflects her philosophy that counselling is about relieving distress and finding new ways of living: it all begins and ends with the authentic Self. She offers both supervision and therapy, both on a sliding scale. Typically she negotiates fees with both clients and supervisees. Contact her at TCTC - 0208 892 7610

Maggie Curran
Counselling and psychotherapy with parents and children 
Maggie believes that counselling can allow clients the space to reflect on issues within a non-judgmental environment. She focuses on the quality of the client/therapist relationship using different theories to inform her practice. Currently she works in substance abuse and is employed by a local borough to work with parents to explore issues that may be affecting their ability to parent in the way they want to.  Maggie is currently finishing her degree in counselling where she has focused on child development.
Maggie offers short term/long term counselling sessions; her hourly fee is £45 - £50 (open to negotiation on an individual basis.

Emily Richardson
Emily’s approach to Counselling is influenced by theories that explore our earliest relationships and experiences and how they affect us in adult life. She works in a relational way and looks for unhealthy or negative patterns that have been adopted and explore ways in which they can perhaps be modified so that a more healthy and richer life can be fulfilled. 

Her contact number is  07568 151539 email erichardson2008@hotmail.co.uk

Michael McHugh, MA (Hons), Assoc CIPD
(accelerated learning, coaching for performance)
Michael has worked as a counsellor and group facilitator since 1993 using a psychosynthesis approach with teachers, social workers, bereavement counsellors, children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and their families. He is now training in psychodynamics and is developing  wellbeing workshops in London and Glasgow alongside colleagues and fellow practitioners. 

He plays and records electronic music, and enjoys painting from nature, especially birds and watercolour landscapes. If you’d like to read some of his articles and ideas on self-fulfilment, symbolism and psychospiritual development you can look him up on www.michaeljmchugh.wordpress.com or on www.tastethislimpidweb.blogspot.com

Patricia McKeown, Dip Integrative Counselling,
NVQ Leadership Management and Care
Patricia is an integrative counsellor trained at Richmond Adult Training College. She has a nursing background and has managed residential care homes for young and elderly people with learning disabilities around London and the south east of England. She is interested in using Capacitar techniques alongside tai chi to enhance emotional and physical wellbeing, and is developing workshops with fellow practitioners in London, Scotland and in Ireland where she now lives. She especially enjoys hillwalking in Donegal.

Sera Orme BA (Hons), Dip (PG), MBACP.
Counselling and psychotherapy with children
In addition to her adult clients, Sera has been counselling children and young people in schools and privately for over 5 years. Some of the areas she’s worked in are bullying (including social media), exam and relationship stress, bereavement (family and friends), sexual orientation, authority and parental problems, anger management and post traumatic stress disorder, Aspergers Syndrome and special needs. She takes an integrative play therapy approach and will also use CBT where appropriate to benefit the health and wellbeing of the young person. Sam works on a sliding scale between £30 and £50.

Ian Nethersell
Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor
Ian qualified with a BTEC Diploma in Integrative Counselling and is a full registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Ian believes people are holistic beings incorporating body, mind and spirit and problems arise when there is dis-ease, conflict and trauma in a person’s life.  Ian aims to help people find their own harmony and ways of being so they can release themselves and become integrated full human beings able to live to their fullest and true potential. Ian integrates various modalities in his therapeutic work including Humanistic, Cognitive, Psychodynamic, existential, spiritual and has developed a model of working known as Prism Therapy. That said though, Ian believes each person is unique and as such is guided by his client’s needs.

Ian is happy to work with clients on most issues but if a client’s needs are out of his professional competencies he will do his best to help them find an appropriate therapist. An initial assessment is free and if clients choose to work with Ian contracts and fees are then arranged and agreed. Contact him on 0789 634054 or at iannethersell@gmail.com

Rajni Knox
Counselling with adults and young people
Rajni believes counselling helps people to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. When feelings are difficult to manage and understand, personal therapy is an opportunity to explore them in a non-judgemental, warm and safe environment. Rajni is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and is an experienced therapist. She has worked with a range of issues and experiences including: Abuse, addiction, anxiety, bereavement, bullying, depression, relationship/family issues, trauma and unresolved issues from childhood. She works on a sliding scale between £30 and £50.

Shefali Agrawal
It is not unusual to reach a point in life where you experience difficulty in understanding and making sense of life and relationships, sometimes family and friends are enough in terms of support, however at other times you may want a confidential space where you can talk without getting advice.  Shefali will work with you to untangle some of the threads of your life to gain a clearer understanding of your experiences and thoughts/feelings related to those experiences.  Shefali works on an 8-12 session basis for short term Counselling and Psychotherapy although you may choose to have a more open ended agreement.   Shefali charges £50 for individuals and £70 for couples.  Shefali is an Accredited (MBACP reg.) Counsellor and Psychotherapist.  

Ted Mills
Ted Mills is an integrative counsellor whose experience as a counselling trainer is extensive. Between 2002-2011 he facilitated CBT Workshops for the management of groups. At the same time he has taught a wide range of Level 5 Integrative Diploma theory and supervision on courses at Richmond, Twickenham and West Thames colleges. He has also taught  psychological and\ psychotherapeutic theory to other groups and classes. Between 2004 – 2005 he was Assessor and Academic Supervisor on the APL Programme for  both the Integrative Psychotherapy Masters, Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy programmes at the Metanoia Institute, where he has continues to be the primary supervisor for students on its Integrative  Psychotherapy  M.Sc. course.

Yohani De Silva
Yohani believes that getting to the origin or core of your problem and learning new ways to view the world can be life-changing and exciting.  Counselling is a talking therapy that provides you an opportunity to explore your concerns, worries, fears and anxieties in a safe and confidential manner without being judged.  Yohani aims to empower you to make the right choices for yourself and ultimately to make whatever changes to help you overcome distress and cope positively. Yohani works integratively with a number of therapies ( Psychodynamic, person centred and cbt).  Her fees are negotiable within the range of £40 - £50.

Rizwana Virdee
Mindfulness workshops
Rizwana is a Psycho-therapeutic counsellor who for the last 12 years runs a private practice in West London and facilitates groups from an agency specialising in substance misuse. She holds qualifications in Personal Development, Group Facilitation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Psycho-therapeutic Counselling. She has also taught in the adult education sector and together with life coaching she has participated in the delivery of various personal and professional development workshops.  
Rizwana is also a qualified hair and make-up artist of 17 years and has integrated this work into her practice and delivers a 12 week program ‘Face Myself’ exploring self esteem and self image and uses makeup as a useful tool to facilitate this process.

Dr Robert Owen and Dr Kate Alobaid
Fortnightly Thursday evening and Friday Morning therapy groups
Dr. Robert Owen and Kate Alobaid have been running successful therapy/personal development groups in the Twickenham area for the last five years. Kate is a counselling psychologist and doctoral candidate. Robert is a counselling psychologist too and has co-facilitated successful therapy groups for nearly 20 years.

For more details, about the groups run by Robert and Kate,  click here.