Group Therapy

Fortnightly Thursday evening and Friday morning therapy groups.

Dr. Robert Owen and Dr Kate Alobaid have been running successful therapy and personal development groups in the Twickenham area for the last five years. Both Robert and Kate are counselling psychologists, and Robert has co-facilitated successful therapy groups for nearly 20 years.

Group therapy is considered one of the most effective forms of therapy, yet it's not very common in the UK. Our groups meet every two weeks at the Twickenham Therapy Centre on alternate Thursday evenings OR Friday mornings. They are effective, cost efficient and, at £15 per fortnightly session, affordable.

Although not everyone is comfortable working in groups, they can offer insights and other benefits in addition to those that can be achieved with individual therapy.

For more information call Robert on 07958 369832, email

Break the Stress Cycle: Free Yourself from Addiction
Monthly therapy group starting on Wednesday 2 November: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Cost: £10 per monthly session

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