The supply of logs is a vital component of any sawmill. Most sawmills buy their logs from other logging companies, however, we at Trott Lumber Co., Inc. own and operate our own logging division.

We are always looking to buy standing hardwood timber tracts to log in order to provide a constant supply of logs to our mill. If you own a tract of timber and are interested in selling, please give us a call to set up a time for us to come out to cruise your timber. We buy either by contract (we place a bid on complete tract) or on "shares" (we pay a percentage, usually 50%, of total value as we harvest the timber.)

Our logging division consists of a 5 man crew with over 70 years of experience, including 2 certified Tennessee Master Loggers. We maintain high safety standards through utilizing high efficiency, heavy equipment in order to reduce the need for manual ground work. We are fully insured with workers compensation, liability, and equipment insurance.

Our Logging Process

To begin the logging process, the first task is setting up a loading deck. This is the area where all the trees will be skidded, and the knuckleboom loader operator will process and load the logs onto the trucks.

After the site is prepared, we begin logging. We cut and fell the trees with our Hydro-Ax feller buncher. This machine is capable of cutting up to a 36+ inch diameter tree very quickly. It is capable of placing most trees in selective positions to reduce damage to younger timber and allows easier access for the trimmers and log skidder. The Hydo-Ax has been a great asset to our logging operation allowing us to fell the trees with no men on the ground and in direct danger. Its ability to cut several trees in a matter of a few minutes has greatly increased our efficiency.

Once several trees are on the ground, we must trim and top the trees cutting off the unwanted limbs. Now that we have several trees down and trimmed, it is time for our log skidder to gather up the tree length logs and drag them to the loading deck.

Once the tree-length logs are on the loading deck, they are then examined and processed by the knuckleboom loader operator, Sam Trott. Using this special loading machine, Sam is able to cut the tree-length logs into the best usable lengths using a hydraulic slasher-saw attachment. He is then able to then grab the cut log with the knuckleboom loader and load it onto the truck. Once the trucks are loaded, we carry the logs to the sawmill where we unload and scale each log.