1.  Custom Sized Lumber
  • Used for buildings barns, barn stalls, fences, trailer floors, rustic homes, and many other projects
  • 8ft. to 16 ft. lengths
  • Sizes range from .5"x2.5" pieces to 12"x12" pieces and everything in between
  • Green Furniture grade lumber
  • White Oak, Red Oak, Poplar, Cedar, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Maple, and other hardwoods

All items are NOT available in stock.  Please call for availability and/or to place order.

2.  Wood Fiber
  • Bedding Material
  • Horse Arenas
  • Barn Hallways
$18 per two yards
3.  Natural Hardwood Mulch
  • Used for Landscaping
  • All Natural Hardwood
  • Darkened by Age
  • No Dyes or Chemicals
$20 per two yards
4.  Sawdust
  •  Used in Barn Stalls
  •  Mixed with Shavings
  • Protected from weather
$15 per two yards
5.  Hickory Slabs
  • Used for firewood
  • Used for smoking meat
Most bundles $30