Scout Job Descriptions

Listed below are the job descriptions for the different leadership positions.

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster: Assumes the same responsibilities as the Scoutmaster, except those that are resevred for people above the age of 18.

Senior Patrol Leader: The "kid leader" of the Troop. This position is elected by the troop every 6 months. Leads and Plans Meetings.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Assists the Senior Patrol Leader or SPL with day-to-day actions. Chosen by the SPL.

Patrol Leader: Leader of his/her patrol, or group. Elected by that patrol every 6 months.

Assistant Patrol Leader: Assists the Patrol Leader in his/her duties. Chosen by the Patrol Leader. Also takes command if the Patrol Leader is absent.

Patrol Quartermaster Leader: In charge of his/her patrols personal gear. This includes there patrol box and other gear.

Troop Quartermaster Leader: In charge of all the troops gear. Mantains organization in the shed and trailer.

Order of the Arrow Troop Representive: Represents the troop in the Order Of The Arrow. Communicates between the two.

Troop Scribe: Logs and keeps records of the patrol leaders council meetings.

Troop Chaplain Aid: Assists the troops chaplain or religous coornator in meeting the religous needs of the troop.

Troop Historian: Keeps a record of events in the troop and activities that happened

Troop Bugler: Plays the bugle at important events during the day.

Troop Webmaster: In charge of maintaining and updating troop websites.

Troop Guide: Guides new scouts in the troop and helps them get on there way.

Den Chief: Helps a den in cub scouts with their activities.