Our Adventures

As one of the most active troops in Bucks County, Troop 99 holds outings and events each month.  Camping, hiking, canoeing are some of our favorite activities, just to name a few.  The photo and video gallery below documents some of our recent adventures.

Ockanickon Summer Camp

Ockanickon was a total success! Ockanickon Summer Camp was held on July 19th to July 25th 2015 at Camp Ockanickon Scout Reservation. This camp is held over a week and is a great opportunity for scouts to earn merit badges so they can continue their trail to Eagle. All the scouts had a lot of fun at this camp. The scouts also participated in the Water Carnival, which the troop got 2nd place. The scouts also did a wonderful job with the skit we presented at the closing campfire. The troop was also presented as honor troop at the closing campfire.


COPE is an activity that the troop does every year at Camp Ockanickon during the Fall that involves teamwork. The patrols did an excellent job going through the low cope course which involved a lot of thinking and retrying. After our troop did low cope, the scouts 13 and older participated in high cope, which is a lot more difficult, and the scouts 12 and younger participated in rock climbing. The scouts did an amazing job going through the high cope course. On our last day, we went down to High Rocks and repelled there. We went through training and finally all the scouts who participated in repelling succeeded in completing the course.

Lenape Warriors Canoe Clean-Up Campout

The Lenape Warriors Canoe Clean-Up Campout was on September 19th- September 20th, 2014 at Patrol Leader, Matt Haleman's, house. We cleaned the troop's canoes and our meals were cooked by Dylan Klevan. 

Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge Camp

The Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge Camp was in Mid August, 2014. The Sailing camp was located in Oyster Bay, New York. We were there for 5 days with 7 new sailors and 3 sailors taking the corse for fun. Day 1 was ground school, which taught us all our basic stuff. Day 2 and 3 we rode smaller boats, also known as Pixels. Day 4 we learned how to steer the bigger boats, also known as Sonars. On our last day we had our round trip graduation sail and we all passed and the new sailors got their sailing certificates.