Troop History

Welcome to Troop 534. Our troop has been around since 1974.

The early years:

Current years: Yearly the troop does one trip to Many Point Boy Scout camp and one high adventure trip. Many Point scout camp is a part of the Northern Star Council which is located in Ponsford MN. It's an important trip for the troop because they not only get to be outdoors but can work many different Merit Badges while there. If you have a scout in our troop, make sure to ask them about the "Hike to the Moon."

The high adventure excursions involve 4 different sites. Northern Tier located in Ely, MN, Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron NM, Florida Sea Base in Islamorada, FL and the newest one is called The Summit Bechtel Reserve in Jean WV. Each year the scouts decide which high adventure they want to visit. An application is sent to the high adventure base and if they are accepted they plan to go. The troop does fundraisers to raise funds and has regular meetings to make sure each scout is prepared for the trip. Check out the high adventures link to learn more about what our troop is doing and where we are going next.

The troop also does local camping. These weekend trips involve going to Fred C. Anderson, Stearns and Rum River are just a few of the camps. The yearly Turkey Roast at Fred C. Anderson is always a well-attended event. The scouts make an oven with aluminum foil, and charcoal that cooks the turkeys. They also make homemade pies that are always good to eat. There is the option to go winter survival camping at Stearns Camp. Stearns provides the winter gear and the scouts build a snow yurt where the older scouts are allowed to spend the night in.

Eagle scouts:

Not every Cub Scout becomes an Boy Scout and not every Boy Scout becomes an Eagle but our troop is very proud of the number of people who have become Eagle Scouts. Only about 5% of all Boy Scouts become Eagle Scouts, which represents more than 2 million Boy Scouts since 1912. It's a very selective group. Our troop is very inclusive and we have many volunteers who are available to assist the scout to becoming an Eagle. We even have a page on this site listing each Eagle Scout with their year. For the Eagle Scouts from out troop, please send the scoutmaster a picture and we will post it.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. If you would like someone to contact you, please email the scoutmaster and we will have someone reach out to you.

Yours in Scouting,