High Adventures

Boy Scouts of America has four High Adventures. Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont Scout Ranch and the newest is The Summit.

The Florida Sea Base is a trip where scouts have the ability to learn sailing, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving.

The Northern Tier base is a trip to the Boundary Waters by Ely Minnesota. The scouts will be able to enjoy over 6 million acres in Minnesota and Canada where they can go canoeing and fishing while sleeping under the starts away from civilization.

Philmont Scout Ranch is a trip to New Mexico where the scouts will be able to go backpacking, rock climbing, shooting sports and horseback riding. There are over 60 different routes that can be taken from long to short and flat to steep depending on the crews ambition.

The Summit is the newest boy scout adventure in West Virginia. Depending on the crew the opportunity exists to go white water rafting, zip lining, skate boarding, rock climbing archery and other shooting sports,

Troop 534 does one High Adventure a year rotating through the high adventurers.

In 2012, Troop 534 sent 2 crews totaling 9 scouts to Northern Tier

In 2013, Troop 534 sent 2 crews of 9 scouts to Philmont Scout Ranch

In 2014, Troop 534 sent 2 crews of 8 scouts to the Florida Sea Base

In 2015, Troop 534 sent 2 crews totaling 8 scouts to Northern Tier

In 2016, Troop 534 is sending 2 crews Philmont