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Troop 174  Yorktown Heights, NY 

Troop Motto - "Live the Law"




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Brendan Byrnes - Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)

Timothy Callery  -  Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)

Connell Kennedy - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader II (ASPLII)

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Grace Lutheran Church -- Chartered Organization

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              Troop Information
              About Troop 174
            • Meetings
            • Troop Meetings
              • Mondays, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.
              • Location: Grace Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, 3830 Gomer St., Yorktown Heights (except no meetings mid-June to mid-Sept.).
              • Bring your Boy Scout Handbook, paper, and a pencil or a pen.
              • Turn off your cell phone.
              • Troop meetings are not held when the Lakeland Central School District is closed.
              • On some holiday Monday's we may chose to have informal meetings, the web site calendar will be updated.
            • New Scout Patrol Meetings
              • Tuesdays. 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. (Fall: Sept-Nov & Spring: Apr-Jun)
              • Location: The Lodge (Pictures of the old lodge)  at Bill T.'s house.
              • Leader: Mr. Bill T. if you have questions. In an emergency, call his cellular phone.
              • Why meet Tuesday?
                • Primarily these Patrol Meetings are for older scouts to help younger scouts with rank advancement.
                • The Troop leadership (older scouts and adults) are responsible for helping a new scout obtain First Class rank.
                • These patrol meetings give young scouts the opportunity to practice and learn new skills.
              • Bring Boy Scout Handbook and a filled water bottle.
              • Consider bringing a camp stool to sit on.
              • Dress for the weather.
              • Parents should make sure that there is an adult present before leaving.
              • Patrol meetings are not held when the Lakeland school district is closed.
            • For Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review contact the Scoutmaster.
            • History

            • Contact Troop 174 at:

              Things to Do
              • New Rank Requirements , effective January 1, 2010 to go in the 2010 Boy Scout Requirements book and the Centenial Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook.

                • Tenderfoot

                  • A Scout must teach another person how to tie a square knot using the EDGE model (explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable).

                  • He must also be able to discuss four specific examples of how he lived the points of the Scout Law in his daily life.

                • Second Class

                  • Scout must discuss the principles of Leave No Trace and explain the factors to consider when choosing a patrol site and where to pitch a tent.

                  • He must explain what respect is due the flag of the United States.

                  • He must again discuss four examples of how he lived four different points of the Scout Law in his daily life.

                  • He must earn an amount of money agreed upon by the Scout and his parents and save at least 50 percent of it.

                • First Class

                  • An additional requirement to the 10 separate troop/patrol activities states he must demonstrate the principles of Leave No Trace on these outings.

                  • He must discuss four more examples of how he lived the remaining four points of the Scout Law in his daily life.

                • Life

                  • A Scout must use the EDGE model to teach a younger Scout a specified skill.

                • Star, Life, and Eagle
                  • Troop Webmaster and Leave No Trace trainer are two new leadership positions.

            • Programs
            • Volunteer Opportunities

              • Learn About
            • BSA
            • CPR classes from the Yorktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps. $45 fee.
            • Merit Badge Counselor Training: in the Recruiting section - Guide, Orientation, and Training Course (use Internet Explorer only).
            • When you complete a course, tell Mr. Bob A. so that he can record it in the troop's records.
            • Video tape versions of these courses are also available. See Mr. Bob A.

              BSA Sites

              Printable Forms

                • Use the printed form in your packet for most things.

                • Instructions for Eagle Candidate Letters of Recommendation for Requirement 2. (Will be back up-and-running soon0

              • Eagle Palm Eagle Scout Palm Form: PDF
              Forms at Troop 174
              Forms on Other Sites

              Camping Gear

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              Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.

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