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TWR Safe




The TWR Safe

This product can keep your personal and electronic items dry and safe .

TWR SAFE Image 2
Such as your Cell Phone, Wallet, Keys, etc.

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The TR Safe has a threaded lid with a lock. It is not going to stop a determined thief, but will certainly detour them to an easier target. Your items will definitely be protected from that surprise pool splash or rain shower. One plus that we did not design in, but have discovered that the unit can also act as a phone audio amplifier. The sturdy design keeps the Safe upright and if you turn your smart phone volume up and place it into the Safe without the lid attached, you will surely be amazed at how much louder your audio can be heard. It is all about acoustics and the redirection of the sound waves. No extra batteries required.

TWR SAFE Image 4

The Standard TR Safe is made using a recycled 2 Liter Bottle. This allows for the contents to be semi visible to put other people at ease that your are not in possession of what could appear as a dangerous device. The white components are made of durable PVC fittings. That means that this thing can take a pretty good beating. When at the pool or the beach, most people will put their belonging into a bag or their shoes to hide them away. I have a car key with an electronic device attached to it and my $800 cell phone is not water resistant. I will admit that I am one of those that normally put my stuff into my shoes to stay safe and typically throw a towel over them to disguise them from being an easy mark.  This product gives me better piece of mind.

For a limited time we will be selling the TR Safe for   $24.95.

The TR Safe, is basically designed by our company and built as a craft item. You could purchase the components (to build your own) from a good home center store for around $17.00 (USD). Depending on your abilities and availability of tools should take two to five hours to build. We sell the completely assembled unit (as pictured) for $27.95.

Upgrades to the Standard Safe is Available.

Lock Loop - $1.50 This is an eye bolt that would be attached to the threaded lid. Which would allow for an external locking device, such as a bike lock to be used to attach the TR Safe to a chair or other secure item.

Solid Chamber - $2.25  This would exchange the use of a recycled 2 Liter bottle with a piece of solid white (opaque) PVC pipe.

Product Specifications:

Height (Internal): 6.5"

Height (External): 9"

Diameter (Internal): 3.875"

Diameter (External): 5"

Weight (Empty): 1.1lbs. / 470 grams