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 Plastic Shapes - Domestic/Metric Seals - Retail Products

This is an Ethylene filtration system that reliably removes Ethylene gas from your storage and display area.  It is scientifically proven that the removal and/or reduction of Ethylene gas around harvested floral and produce products will increase the effectiveness to maintain the freshness of these perishable products.  We have designed our filters to fit into standard air filtering systems so that they blend well into display areas and lower costs for implementation.

Tradewind is not just another seller of seals.  Associated with one of the largest seal providers in the United States.  We have the technical knowledge to be certain that you will get the correct material, correct durometer, correct size at the best price possible.  Small to large orders and in most cases in-stock availability.  The warehouse stocks most standard materials and sizes.  Supplying OEM's to retail stores and also offering secondary personalized packaging solutions for retail stores.

Plastic Materials (Shapes)

Our warehouse located in a suburb of Chicago, IL offers stock sheet, rod, tube and various other forms, ready to ship.  The warehouse is also equipped with CNC machinery to machine components to per print specifications.

Koi Pond Winterdome

A Custom designed Koi Pond solar heater utilizes a system that can effectively protect your fish and pond over winter. The system uses the power of the sun and air. The electricity is kept out of the pond as the air is injected through a common aquarium pump located away from the pond.


TWR Safe
Key Lock Version

The TWR Safe, is designed by our company and built as a craft item.  Large enough to keep your cell phone, wallet, and electronic key safe and dry.  Should you want to build this product on your own.  You can purchase most of the required components from a good home center store for about $17.  Depending on your abilities and availability of tools, it should take two to five hours to build.

We sell the completely assembled unit
(as pictured) for $24.95.

TWR Safe
Combination Lock (Cryptex) Version

The TWR Safe comes with a combination lock, Four (4) rings allow for 9,999 possible combinations. 
No need for a key.  The  combination can be special ordered with a custom 4 pin code or a random number.  The design makes it possible to change the order of the rings.  However each ring, is manufactured so that each ring is permanently coded to that number. The components that forms the lock features is 100% 3D printed, permitting the rings to be made in select colors. This version is not water tight but is good for keeping your item safe and dry. 

Custom features:
- Choose a 4 digit PIN
- Choose a Ring Color
- Add a Lock Loop ($1.50)

We sell the completely assembled unit
(as pictured) for $19.95.

Are you a Wholesaler?
We have products for sale direct from China.
Cleaning Products (Mops, Brooms, Etc.)
Xmas Ornaments

Pill Organizer
Weekly Pill Container

Raincoat - Sport Keychain
Raincoat Sports Keychain

On Sink Cutting Board
Many other products are offered through this manufacturer.  Please contact me for a full list

This product is manufactured for the Floral and produce industries

O-ring  Seals
Domestic and Metric
All Durometers

Oil and Shaft


All Materials
All Shapes

If we don't have it in the warehouse
we can get it

Energy efficient
Effective pond gas reduction
No electric current in the water

They say that "necessity is the mother of invention"
This product was created on a personal need and recently we had a customer ask us to cut a slit in the lid so that the product could be used as a TIP jar.  I guess that beyond its original purpose we will continue to learn about other alternative uses.


Just Added

Products for Retail Sale
If your a retail business or warehouse, you will be interested in seeing our line of retail items available to you to sell in your store.  The items are available directly from the manufacturer located in China.  I will help you get your order quoted, placed and shipped.  Minimum order quantities do exist and you may find it beneficial to combine a shipment with other retail outlets to reach those minimums.