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     Hi I'm Frank

I started working in the plastic industry in the fall of 1989.  I was presented with an opportunity to work for Glenn Beall Engineering and I was expertly trained to have a great working knowledge of the philosophies of proper Plastic Design. I started as a Project Technician, then Project Coordinator and then a Field Sales Engineer.  During my time at GBE, I worked with many clients to prototype their components.  This would include; Initial review + Selecting Polymer + Quote + Design Tooling + Build Tooling + Sample Tooling + Component Review + Changes if Required + Set-up Short Runs of Tooling.  Over the years I worked with many different polymers and fillers.  Thus I have a pretty good idea of a given outcome to provide my clientèle with expert results.  In 1994, I left GBE's home office and relocated to Central Florida as a Technical
Field Sales Engineer.  In a very short time of relocating, I was asked by a number of my clients if I could assist them beyond the phase of prototypes and short-runs.  That is when I decided to start Tradewind Resources.

Frank Michaels dba Tradewind Resources

My Background:
Machine Shop Foreman ( Ace Terminal Corp.)
Florist General Manager/ Grower ( Brautigam Florist)
Pizza Maker/ Delivery (Domino's Pizza)
Taxi/ Shuttle Van Driver (Mear's Transportation)
Bowler (Pro Level)
Plastic Project Engineering (Glenn Beall Engineering)
Owner (Tradewind Resources)
It is obvious that my background is in Customer Services and I am here for you.