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We Are Offering 3D Printing

March 24, 2016
Tradewind Resources is pleased to announce

the ability to manufacture 3D (FDM) printed components. 
This custom printer is capable of printing in PLA, ABS, TPU, and Wood. 
The cost to manufacture is based on material, print quality (layer height), and a per/hour basis (min of one hour) with a reasonable set-up fee, plus shipping. 
It is our goal to ship a completed order within 24 hours.

The build area is 7.00" (180mm) / cube. 
I have had good success with dimensional accuracy; typically +/- .010" in./in (+/- 0.25mm).
This printer was brought into the business as a way to physically prove a 3D CAD file and offer clients a hands-on tangible component that they can touch and in many cases use.  We are now offering this printing service to those who already have an STL CAD file, and just need a print.  Send your request and a quote will be sent back, generally within 24 hours.