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Due to circumstances beyond my control.  I was confronted with a decision to start my own company.
That was back in 1994.  Through ups and downs of economic factors, my client base has changed over the years.
I have worked with major fortune 500 companies to struggling entrepreneurs trying to bring their new products to market.
The ride has been a bit bumpy but I have always been on the clients side for success.  That has led to my
longevity in business.  I stated in the developmental process of concept to design improvement.  Then taking that
information into the manufacturing area of constructing low cost injection molds for producing prototype components.
Once the mold was completed, I would sample the mold in the polymer which the production component was scheduled for.
Clients would request my expertise to continue with their project to produce high quantities for production.  I generally
would max out at 5,000 components.  But as time progressed I found myself using my management skills to
secure secondary services and packing the product for distribution sales.  In some cases working working with the FDA
for sterilization and process validation. 

Give me a chance with your product.  If I don't feel completely comfortable that you will be 110% satisfied with the outcome of your project, I can and will
point you in a direction where your success will be best served.

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