Single parts and/or assemblies
3D and 2D Computer-aided Design and properly engineered parts for quality and low cost
3D Printing Machined Molded
Small and Large quantities. Full complete shelf ready parts and products
Continued client assistance
Bring your BIG IDEA to reality

Why Use Us!

  Unsurpassed Experience and Dedication to the Success of our Clients and their Projects!

Our Experience Shows!

I have been very lucky to work with some of the best clients.  I look forward to you being the next Best Client. 
Many have been large corporations and many have been private entrepreneurs.  Some have been easy projects where the client is prepared to go to production and only the manufacturing and packaging needs to be arranged. Whereas, other have required full product design with FDA audits ISO certifications and validation processes for sterilization and clinical trials. 

If your an energetic entrepreneur who is interested in a supplier who is cost concise and dedicated to manufacture a quality product for you, then I'm your guy!  I will be with you through the entire process.  I support a good many projects that are manufactured for private individuals and small business. 
SPECIAL: E-Mail me and I will send you "FREE" our Project Planning Guide.  It is a no-nonsense explanation to provide information to bring a product to market.  I try to explain the path in front of you as many projects fail due to being underfunded and misguided expectations.  Your success is my goal.

If your company believes that high quality and low cost is important, and is looking for a supplier who manufactures awesome plastic components, then I'm your guy!

Within the following images are components that were prototyped during my time working at Glenn Beall Engineering.
Many (but not all) of the components were my responsibility. I built the tooling and sample molded the parts. 
The major percentage of my clients were in the Medical and Automotive industries.
GBE had very talented individuals working there.  I was very lucky to be one of them.

 What's  New 

MK8 Printhead
We have added 3D printing to our services.  This feature will help prove CAD models prior to sending to tooling and provide quick one-off parts. 
We are also running parts for those who have STL CAD files ready to print. 

Currently printing:
ABS  :  PLA  :  Flex-PLA



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