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Ghost Story

It's been away from the rooming house where I live for a few days. I returned via a seven-hour bus ride. The bus was driven over the winding and often hilly road by a maniacal and inexperienced driver, who regularly charged a turn at full speed and then, within the turn, kept putting the brakes on. So no sleep the whole night, and, yes, I was sleep-deprived when I took a shower after getting back to my rooming house at about 7 AM. Perhaps this deprivation is at the bottom of the rather curious experience I am about to relate.

The shower went more or less as usual, although the water pressure seemed to be lower than normal, despite the fact that there was no change of pressure in the system during the shower to indicate that others were using the system. The fun began when I got out of the shower. I had left the window open in the shower room, as well as turned on the fan, in order to keep the air as dry as is possible in this rainy and heavily forested area. Normally this guarantees that the mirrors in the room will remain dry and clear.

This particular morning however there was a surprise for me. While the small mirror by the window remained clear, the long mirror on the adjacent wall did not. Instead there was a kind of banner of evaporation on the glass. This of course caught my attention. But what astonished me was that when I got closer to the banner, I saw some characters traced into the moisture. As I looked more closely at the characters, I was even more astonished to see that the characters spelled out, "The bandaid in the shower is gross." A bit of background. For the last week or so, I have been putting a large bandage on one of my feet; when I take a shower, I remove it and put it on the ledge in the shower stall. Usually I remove it from the stall after the shower. Once or twice I have forgotten to do this.

At first, I assumed that I had left the door open and someone had come into the room and done the writing. When I checked the door however, I found it locked. The thing is, that door cannot be locked from the outside. Thus, I have entitled this narrative, "Ghost Story".

Tom Arnall
June 25, 2019