Tomasz Kornuta

VP of Engineering / Head of AI (2022-...)
Semiotic Labs, CA, US

I am an applied research scientist able to drive research into novel directions and build cutting-edge products. 

With almost 20 years in academia, corporate and startup industry, I have developed strong leadership and analytical & problem solving skills, built on top of deep expertise in software engineering, robotics, visual perception and machine learning.

I am a fan of robotics, AI, design patterns and MOOCs. 

More notables at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tkornuta/

Past positions (selected)

Sr. Applied Research Scientist (2019-2022)
AI Applications Team
NVIDIA, Endeavor, CA, US

Research Scientist (2015-2019)
Machine Intelligence Team
IBM Research, Almaden Research Center, CA, US

Assistant/Adjunct Professor (2008-2021)
Robot Programming and Pattern Recognition Group Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland