Official Title of Installation, if any:

State Theatre

Materials Used:

Ceramic tiles and terra cotta

Additional Materials Information:

General Description:

(*Walking through time : a pictorial guide to historic KalamazooBrendan Henehan and the Kalamazoo Historical Commission, 1981, p. 47)

(**State Theatre Inventory, Kalamazoo, Michigan, July 15, 1989, Hardy and Hardy, Detroit, MI) 

Technical Information (Size,mfg., etc.):

"The essential character of the building is unaltered - most of the tile is intact on the inside and most of the outside - including the medallion busts and rosettes."

(Sharon Ferraro, Historic Preservation Coordinator, Kalamazoo, MI in an email to Michael Padwee)

The tiles I photographed on the stair risers are the "Hispania" tile pattern line of the Mosaic Tile Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The tile designs are similar to the Weller Pottery "Barcelona" designs by Stoin M. Stoin. (For more information about Stoin M. Stoin and his pottery designs see "Stoin M. Stoin 1895-1988" by Bill Paul in Journal of the American Art Pottery Association, Vol. 29, No. 4, Fall 2013;

Year Created:


Does Installation Still Exist?


Location of Installation:

404 S. Burdick Street

Kalamazoo, MI

Additional Information, Websites, Citations:

Photos courtesy of Michael Padwee, 2011.

Information about the theater and the State Theatre Inventory were kindly supplied by Sharon Ferraro, Historic Preservation Coordinator of Kalamazoo.

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Michael Padwee (tileback101"at"; October 2011, November 2013.

Part of the cream-colored terra cotta exterior of the theater

A tile fountain under the stairway in the theater foyer
(Photo taken under poor lighting conditions and enhanced)

"Spanish-style" tile risers as seen through the front glass doors