Van Briggle Pottery picture post card, undated****


Title of Installation:                                   

Van Briggle Pottery

Materials Used:

Ceramic tile inclusions in building facade, tile fireplaces, and other interior tiles.

General Description

"In 1907, Anne and pottery stockholder and city-founder William Jackson Palmer began construction on a new pottery on Uintah Street. The Van Briggle Memorial Pottery — designed by Dutch architect Nicholas Van den Arend — was opened in 1908 and stands today as an historic landmark noted for its architecture and use of ceramics in the facade."* Anne is credited with the design of the fireplaces installed in the studio and

salesroom, works that stimulated a demand for such features in a number of Colorado Springs homes.** [see photo below] In 1953 the pottery operations moved to a different location, and the original building has been part of Colorado College since 1968.***

Technical Information (Size,mfg., etc.):

Year Created:

Year Installed, if different:

c. 1908+

Does Installation Still Exist?


If Not, What Happened?




Colorado Springs

Location of Installation:

1125 Glen Avenue/231 W. Uintah Street

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Directions to Installation:

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** (Section 8, p. 24 and Section"PHOTOS", p. 37, No. 24)


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Another website with some fantastic closeup photos of the Van Briggle Pottery is

"Van Briggle Pottery: An Artistic Approach to Tile Manufacturing", an article about Artus Van Briggle and his pottery, was published in FLASH POINT, The Quarterly Bulletin of Tile Heritage Foundation, Vol. 2, No. 2, April-June 1989, pp. 1, 6-7, 12.

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Photographer: Thomas H. Simmons, Sept. 2008**