Title of Installation:

S.S. Zanesville Victory Ship Plaque

Materials Used:

Ceramic tiles

Additional Materials Information:

Although the article says "plaque", Zanesville tile historian, Michael Sims, believes this was a panel of 4" x 4" tiles. However, no photo of the "plaque" has yet been found.

General Description:

"According to Norris F. Schneider's book[*...], 'late in 1944 Zanesville citizens became interested in the construction of a victory ship named Zanesville. The Mosaic Tile Co. made a tile plaque bearing the picture of the Y Bridge and a brief history of Zanesville to be hung on the ship." 

"The plaque, titled 'The Y Bridge From Putnam Hill'..., stated: 'Zanesville was settled in 1797 where Zane's Trace and the Licking River meet the Muskingum River. The famous Y Bridge spans these rivers today. Early settlers fashioned dishes from local clay and started an extensive pottery and tile industry. Zanesville men have reached the rank of general in all the wars of U.S. history. Zanesville people are honored to have a Victory ship bear the name of their city.' "**

Technical Information (Size,mfg., etc.):

The manufacturer was the Mosaic Tile Company of Zanesville, OH.

Year Created:


Year Installed, if different:

January 15, 1945

Does Installation Still Exist?


If Not, What Happened?

"In 1946 the ship was put in the mothball fleet at Suisun Bay in northern California, and apparently it sat there until it was scrapped in Portland, Ore., in 1976."** It is unknown if the plaque survived.



Location of Installation:

GPS Coordinates:

Directions to Installation:

Additional Information, Websites, Citations:

*Norris F. Schneider, Muskingum County Men and Women in World War II, published in 1947.

**"S.S. Zanesville Victory ship carried soldiers, cargo during World War II" by Lewis Lemaster, correspondent, in the Zanesville Times Recorder, 11 November 2010, p. 1A+

Submitted by and Year:

Zanesville local historian Michael Sims; November 2010