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Links to other U.S. tile installations already on the internet:

CA_Los Angeles, The Krotona Apartments (Batchelder tiles and destructive restoration)

CA_Malibu, Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum
(Once at this website, click on "Archives", enter AH-92 in the search box for the Malibu Potteries tiles in the Adamson House; or enter AH-131 to get to the Malibu tiles at the Serra Retreat; or enter "Malibu tiles" in the search box to see what else is in the archives. At least one other Malibu Potteries installation you can see will be the Santa Barbara Mission. Hand-painted salesmen's catalogs, photos of the Los Angeles City Hall tile panels, and many articles relating to the Malibu Potteries are also all digitized here.)

CA_Santa Monica, City Hall

CA_Woodside, Jackling Mansion Tunisian Tiles

FL__Tarpon Springs and Cleveland, OH--Grueby Bathroom Saved

HI__Doris Duke's Shangri La (this includes many Islamic and other tile installations)

MI__Royal Oak Schools, Historic Flint Faience Tiles (video documentary)

MN_Historic tiles of St. Paul, Minneapolis and Duluth, MN and Superior, WI
http://handmadetileassociation.org/tilemap.htm (scroll down to "Files" and click on the pdf)

NJ__Trenton--A tile and terra cotta tour of Trenton from the Potteries of Trenton Society (POTS)

NY__Manhattan--Display Rooms of the American Encaustic Tiling Company

NY__Manhattan--63rd Street YMCA, Tiled Pool

NY_New York City, Demolished Buildings Photo Essay

NY_New York City, Tile installations in "ghost" and other subway stations

NY_Yonkers--Public Bath House No. 4 (Four pages of history and photos including the tiled areas.)

PA_Pittsburgh--Chatham U. Repurposes Guastavino-tiled Pool Area

PA_Scranton--Station at Scranton, Pa. for the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railway (1908)
https://tileresearcharticles.omeka.net/items/show/26 (scroll down to "Files" and click on the pdf)

TX_Historic tiles of San Antonio

TX__San Antonio--W.P.A. Era Mural to Return to River

VA_Lexington's Historic Tiles

Links to articles, blogs and books published on the internet:
A Field Guide to the Key Patterns on the Backs of United States Ceramic Tiles, 1870s-1930s (3rd. Ed.)

American Clay and Pottery Resource Library

An Exploration of Transatlantic Opportunity:
Ceramicist, artist and material specialist Amy Smith is visiting sites in the UK and USA to research architectural terracotta; exploring traditional techniques and current developments in terracotta with a Winston Churchill Fellowship. As I travel across the USA I'm posting photos and updating reguarly with how terracotta has made the cities we love and what the future might hold... (2011)

California Bricks, History

Catalogue of J.G & J.F. Low Art Tile Soda Fountains

Encaustic Cement Tile and cement tile in general--there is a wealth of information on this website

How modern Iznik tiles are made (a video)

Hudson Valley Ruins: provides a record of historic and distinctive architecture threatened by development, vandals, and time and exposure to the elements.

International Brick Collectors Association, Brick Manufacturers

"The International Tile Company" by Susan Ingham Padwee

In the Cause of Architecture: Throughout its 113-year history, Architectural Record has invited leading practitioners of the arts to submit their thoughts on the state of architecture. In the Cause of Architecture revives these documents, which are important not just as celebrity essays, but as time capsules of the development of architecture in the late 19th and the 20th Centuries. One series of articles, "Polychromy in Architecture", was written by Leon Solon, the artistic director of the American Encaustic Tiling Company, in 1922.

Marks of American Potters by Edward Atlee Barber (1904)

"The Muskingum County (Ohio) Courthouse Floors: A Case Study of England's Role in the Genesis of America's Tile Industry" by Michael Sims

Preserving Historic Ceramic Tile Floors

Tile Research Articles

United States Pottery Marks

Links to tile, terra cotta, organization and preservation websites:
American Art Pottery Association

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

American Museum of Ceramic Art

Architecture and Building--Tile resources

Big Orange Landmarks

Cinema Treasures

Friends of Terra Cotta

Handmade Tile Association

Juneau, AK--Historic Database

Los Angeles Preservation

National Building Museum: Collections

New York City Architecture

Payne Creations Tile

Potteries of Trenton Society

SOHO San Diego


The Museum of Ceramics (East Liverpool, OH)

Tile Heritage Foundation

Tile Preservation/Larry Mobley

Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society of Great Britain
Waymark Search Results for "Tile" in the National Register of Historic Places, etc.

Links to antique U.S. tile dealers and commercial tile restoration resources:
Antique Articles, http://antiquearticles.com/

Karen Michelle Antique Tiles, http://antiquetiles.com/

Olde Good Things Architectural Salvage, http://ogtstore.com/about-us  

Tile Preservation and installation/Larry Mobley, http://www.tilepreservation.com/index.html

Tile Preservation and installation/Riley Doty, http://www.artisticlicense.org/members/doty/index.html

Traditional Building--Tile Database, http://www.traditional-building.com/tbdb645.htm

Villa Lagoon Tile (cement tiles and reproductions of antique cement tiles, http://www.villalagoontile.com/tile-catalog.html

Wells Tile and Antiques, http://www.wellstile.com/