Download the MTI_Audine rig


Stickman and devilman can be found at my new site:

Download the previous little_fellaX rig here.
I made a new version with some more control in the torso, along with a number of other enhancements
(good luck tracking them down) Up to date version:

EDIT:quick bugfix, didn't change the splash, since the gimp file is on a crashed HD, but here's the new version.

And as a bonus, a little fun armature for a rotating floor, where each piece appears to rotate independently.

A rapidshare download link.

And a youtube movie of the rig in action.

And a test for a stretchy ball. It has some issues, but that is why it is a Work In Progress...

Current features:
stretch, skew and rotate, independent from each other.
pivot and stretch from the base and from the center of the ball

here is the thread where the stretchy ball is discussed.