Why You Should Join Our Club

If you like the outdoors and like to keep in shape and want to do it with like minded people then consider the Thumb Easy Riders.

We are called Easy Riders because we are not out to break any speed records. Our average speed is 11 miles an hour with an average of 20 miles round trip. We meet at a new location around the Thumb every Wednesday morning at 8:15 am and always celebrate with a breakfast or lunch.

Our established routes are Caseville, Pigeon, Port Austin, Port Hope, Bad Axe, Bay Port.

For those who feel 20 miles is too taxing we always have a short start averaging 12 miles round trip.

Join us and help us reach our goals:

  1. Increase the number of people bicycling regularly and helping all types of people enjoy bicycling.

  2. Encourage safe and enjoyable bicycling by: educating the public on safe bicycling skills and sharing the road and communicate issues of interest to bicyclists.

  3. Promote bicycles as environmentally friendly transportation means.

What's the very Best Thing about ThumbEZRiders?

No matter what your skill level is at the present if you love cycling, you can achieve valuable knowledge, safety skills, experience, excitement, fun and confidence on our weekly rides.

You have found your group if you are 50+years young. In our group you won't feel like you have to compete with high level racing bicyclist. We are out to experience the beauty around us on the route while peddling at an easy pace.

If you can ride at between 10 - 13 MPH and can ride the distance of 14 miles - 20 miles round trip then grab your helmet, water bottle and join us for an introduction ride on Wednesday mornings.