Maintenance Guidelines for PVCu Windows Doors and Conservatories

Care and Protection by user

With proper care and attention, factory finished door sets, windows and conservatories will give extended life and keep there just fitted look for longer. To achieve this performance, the following should be observed

• At least once per year all frames should be washed with mild detergent and water to remove any surface pollution. Care should be taken not to loosen perimeter weather seals.

• All hinge mechanisms and handles should be checked at least biannually for ease of operation and lubricated with light thin oil (WD40) or silicone spray suitable for the purpose, as required.

Do not use WD40 on rubber seals as the seals will become sticky and deteriorate.

• Weather seals should be cleaned at least once per year to remove any dust or grime with mild detergent and water

• Ventilators should be cleaned at least once per year to remove any dirt or grime with mild detergent and water

• We do not recommend abrasive cleaning agents or spirit based cleaners to be used to clean pvc windows. We can supply a pvc cleaner specially formulated for cleaning pvc windows if required

• If stubborn marks cannot be removed we recommend you contact us for advice. Most marks and some scratches can be removed if the correct procedure is used.

• Over a period of time a small amount of movement on the window frames will result in hairline cracks around the plaster line, this is normal and can easily be sealed when decorating or painting.

• If you have any queries regarding pvc windows and doors please feel free to ring us anytime and we will be happy to advise you accordingly.

We have a range of professional cleaning products available to buy including glass cleaners and pvc cleaners, please contact us for prices.