From April 2018 Thrapston Glazing will be making regular donations to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

I have chosen E.A.A.A. as our charity because of the personal experience I had of the professional and efficient service they provided at a time when my son most needed their help. On March 11th 2012 my son David was playing football for his local club, he has enjoyed his football from a very early age and he was 18 at the time of the accident. Within 15 minutes of kick off after a heavy tackle he was felled to the ground, the angles of his leg, foot and ankle were something to behold !! Unable to move and in severe pain his coach and team mates did their best to comfort him and an ambulance was called. After 30 minutes a paramedic arrived by car and assessed the situation, she also called for an ambulance but there were none available at the time. After an hour or so Davids condition deteriorated and he was losing the feeling in his lower leg and foot, the paramedic then made the decision to call the air ambulance. Within minutes the helicopter arrived and after an initial examination gave him strong painkillers which sedated him before manipulating his ankle enough for him to be stretchered into the helicopter and flown to Peterborough City Hospital where he received immediate treatment being the first patient to be air lifted onto their new helipad.

After months in plaster he finally made a full recovery and has no lasting effects.

Luckily David’s injuries were not life threatening but could have had long lasting effects if he had he not arrived at hospital when he did.

The air ambulance do a fantastic job responding to emergency situations and saving lives on a daily basis. They rely on donations to keep going and I for one do not want them to have to stop because of lack of resources. Accidents requiring help from an air ambulance can happen to anyone at anytime.

Thrapston Glazing have decided to make a donation for every order they receive from April 1st 2018 onward to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

anyone wishing to donate extra can do so by contacting us or the Air Ambulance direct

East Anglian Air Ambulance contact details

Tel 08450 669 999


Or click on the logo below

Thank you for your support