Some movies of Gaspard and Leo. Click on any to start the playlist.

Skiing in Winter Park, CO (March 2012)

Fall in Chicago (Sept-Oct 2011)

L'été aux Petites Dalles (August 2011)

L'été dans les Landes (August 2011)

Summer in Cape Cod (August 2011)

Summer on Lake Michigan, WI (July 2011)

In the Chiricahuas, AZ (March 2011)

Pony ride in Arizona (March 2011)

Skiing in Winter Park, CO (Feb 2011)

Chauplane (September 2010)

Summer in Chicago (July 2010)

In the Hamptons, NY (2008)

Princeton, NJ (2008)

Leo is born (February 2008)

Old videos of Gaspard (2006-07-08)